Monday, October 20, 2008

Just another damned quiet weekend

Mental Rehab Post #30
If one more person assures me that I'm going to make it though law school, you just don't know. They just keep piling on and pulling out new tricks. It's a conspiracy I tells you, it's a conspiracy. I've been shanghaied.

I wish I was making up just how quiet my weekends have become. That perhaps is some other reality I was still out carousing and club hopping and party caravaning (now that gas is back to a semi-reasonable price. Come on $1.50!), being charming to attractive women, drinking and having a good time. But in this reality I'm trying to figure out 5th amendment issues, rewriting a covenants memo, and trying to cram contract law and property law into my brain.

Friday at work was well, I don't really remember. Lot of crap. I think I had wings for lunch. The job has become so much of blur, a wave that rolls under and leaves no trace other than to wash away my time and another bit of my soul.

Friday night I here, started...on my 5th amendment memo, after discovering a lovely tool online that that wrapped quite a bit of it into a neat little package. I was slogging through it, bit by bit when at 9pm I took a short break...and woke up on the couch at 2am. I've been falling asleep reading the law a lot lately. In sleeping I missed when Sporty hit me up at 10pm on Friday night. That's strange.

Saturday early was reading contracts stuff and then to break up the day, I went to lunch with Spanky. At Publix. We got a couple of sub combos and ate at the Publix in Midtown. Different. And we talked about her life, she's had a couple of rough relationships, and how she's only been in town a week and she's got a new guy. Her tenants will be out later and she needs to get the house ready. Her persona can swing between independent woman and needy chick in as little as 30 seconds. One minute she's all business, the next asking for validation then back to self confidence just like that.

It was still early and it wasn't like the law books were going anywhere, so I drove her around in Weezy (my new nickname for my car) to look at some furniture.

Nothing like watching somebody spend a few grand on a whim to make you feel broke.

Spanky apparently got paid a lot more than me, and in Euros. In the space of thirty minutes she bought more furniture than I actually have because it looked good, so fuck it get it. Furnished her whole house, just like that. Two stops, Ima get that - I want that - Lemme have that. And I paid for lunch? I don't want to talk about that anymore.

So I went home, read through the notes the prof put on my covenants memo and started that over. Around 1am a little frustrated I degenerated into mindless little flash games online to clear my head.

Sunday I was supposed to go to lunch with a law buddy, but she ended up flaking on me. She won't get a nickname till we eats. I trundled down the law library which really IS a great place to study and read through my memos again, then went to the tutor session, which wasn't near as illuminating as the previous session. Still good though, much much better than class. I went back to library after and did property problems online, and learned that you need to read the fine print (hey, that was kinda of a lawerly thought!) Went home and read up for property class and ate take out Chinese.

Over the past two weeks I've been having trouble going to sleep. No, let me rephrase...I have trouble going to bed. Last night like three nights last week, I didn't go to bed until 3am. Sometimes it's even later. Or earlier depending on your point of view. I hope I'm not having bad dreams that I'm not remembering.

Need to tighten up. Get my mind right.

Barkeep. Four shots of Patrone, that will put me down for sure.

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