Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why all the S nicknames?

This is an Explanation Post
Got a question about something I've written in a post? No? Okay, you got a general question that I can give a funny answer too? No? Do you need your history homework answers? (I'm pretty good with history) You can just LEAVE A COMMENT and I'll see what I can do.

I got a comment...Whooo! I got a comment, I got a comment! Now both readers have written in! Anyway, I got a comment (Yay!) that asked why all the women's nicknames that start with S.

Long story.

No real reason at all. Okay, so it wasn't a long story. Sue me.

Some of them are real nicknames. I am horrible with names by the way, faces I remember forever but names...um...er..you, names float in and out. I swear it's not personal. Mostly. I think I explored it in depth in a post way back. Or not. I think.

Schmoopy's nickname was actually Schmoopy. Well, we both were Schmoopy, I called her that and she called me it back. I don't even remember why.

Spanky is short for her alter ego. Which I understand she actually has listed in the phone book instead of her real name. Something I did not know you could do.

Sporty just fit. She is an athlete. Plays football, basketball, works out all the time, watches SportsCenter, follows the games. And when she wants to get dressed up, she is spectacular. And since Spectacular would have been a little funny...and "sporty" is a old forties slang for good (thanks TCM)... so I went with that. (BTW, her real nickname also starts with S, but it was too obvious).

after that I just went with the S thing...now it's kinda fun.

It's my thing. Roll with it.

Barkeep. Let me get a shot of that Ice Tea flavored Vodka (note: this is a real product!)


blackwidow said...

I am a regular reader of your column/musings. I like your style of writing. I have wondered about the lack of commenters because anyone with your sense of humor ought to have plenty of people writing back to you. Especially on those nights where you write about your hangup on the old flame- someone should kick your butt or at least try and talk some sense into you... but I get the feeling you are way too far gone for that after a year or pining away.

So where are the comments???

blogITSE said...

I just found this blog. Great writing style!
I'm "jealous" - english is not my first language so the threshold is really high to write in engl.
No problem talking...but writing...

I'll be back!
and you'll see me sitting in that corner over there...I can see who's coming/going... Take care!