Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ain't gon' Bump No Mo, with no....

Mental Rehab Post #29
A lot of things are just that...things. One of the great bits of personal advice in the twenty first century isn't a lyrical concept on wings of gossamer, or even a statement you can live by, but a three word chant that distills life down to it's essence: Keep it moving. It implores us not to dwell on our failures or even take the time to celebrate our successes before we move onto whatever is next. I wonder how much life we miss, because we just kept going. A lot of pain I'm sure, but a great deal of personal growth as well. Has it really come to this?

I stopped listening to "real" radio last fall. I stopped listening because of Sporty and the fact that every other song on the radio is about sex (rap music and modern R&B) or about love and sex (r&b oldies) and so to keep from depressing myself I switched to classic music. Which has like no words and great themes and well, I've grown to really like it more than I did when I started listening.

Thinking back, I'm fairly certain there was Latin music alternative I should have tried.

I love music. I used to listen to everything: country western, rap, soul, African rhythms, jazz, folk music, bluegrass, Gregorian chants, sitars, in short pretty much anything with a harmony.

So this week I said hey, it's been a year and I said hey, jeez, how bad could it still be?

First, I did not even know Ricky Smiley had a morning show on 107.9. What happened to the A-team? Second, it still hurt a lot. A whole lot. And the oldies station weren't no better. What are the odds somebody would be playing a Luther song? Damn! First day back and you send out Luther? Just cut to the bone why don't you? Damn, let a brother ease back in!

So it was back to WABE and now I'm thinking about making a pledge as part of their listener membership drive. Man, I am in bad shape.

Honestly, some of the music makes me think of back when I used to dream the Sporty and I had a future. Okay, between us... I had even picked out the first song I wanted to play for the first dance at *gasp* our wedding. This will fade. Eventually. Maybe I need to just dive in and take the pain until it doesn't hurt anymore, just go on and listen to it all night and day. Or maybe I need to join a nice monastery.

Barkeep. Some of the communion wine with a beer back.

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