Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekends on the slow and easy

Mental Rehab Post #28
And in the beginning, I really wanted to get drunk so I could forget all that had transpired, but then I realized that I couldn't get that drunk or consume that much alcohol in one sitting. And that I really didn't want to forget her. So I'm kinda stuck. And like life it isn't always pretty, but it's what I got so I'm gonna deal with it.

Let's see, so little happened, where to begin?

Friday night, I stayed home and read through cases in Westlaw and some in Lexis, for my upcoming paper. I'm still not sure what I'm looking for.

Saturday...oh yeah, I read some of my class reading. I pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I will taking the library class over again. I believe I missed it by that >< much. It's a pass/fail course so close doesn't matter, and when I counted up the ones on the final I was shaky with, that number was awful close to the line. Oh well. I moped about the house and felt sorry for myself. I went to the grocery store.

Around two a.m philosophical inspiration struck, so I sent out one of my "inspirational texts."

Sunday... I read some more. Then I slept. Then I read even some more some more. I started on my outline for one class since we are moving to a new section on Tuesday. Sporty and I chatted briefly via modern communication, and I've figured out we don't' talk much anymore not because we don't have anything to say, but that we don't want to hurt each others feelings. She knows how I feel, and even now I still don't want her to be out of my life forever I don't talk about everything, so our conversations have become VERY SPECIFIC. She asks about school, my folks, she tells me what she's doing specifically, I ask about the topic she wants to talk about, I try to give her inspiration.

Spanky moved back to town, she'd been doing an overseas gig but things are rough all over. When we spoke last week she was depressed. This week however she is so busy trying to jump start hanging out I only spoke to her on Sunday when she had a moment to catch her breath. She decided a hotel would let her come and go as she pleased...and that my neighborhood is still probably a little too transitiony.

Then I read some more. And outlined kinda. I need to find that disc with the outline samples on it.

I think I whiffed the first one, so I gotta go back in there and get them other three. No excuses.

Barkeep. Something philosophical. Martini, dry? Sounds about right.

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Lina said...

I need something like that to keep my mind focused. Then maybe I wouldn't look to attention all the time.