Monday, October 6, 2008

Quiet Moments in the Fall

Mental Rehab Post #27
School has been 'berry 'berry good to me. School has done something that I don't think I would have been able to do on my own. Which is for large parts of the day I am able to put a vast number of personal second guesses out of my head. For the most part I can live in the moment. When it gets quiet, or given a few extra seconds in the decision making process, I can overthink something sideways. School hasn't allowed much of that. Thanks School.

Last night Shade called from DC. She's doing her residency in Chocolate City and like women do in the movies, she stopped an took a moment to enjoy one of the small pleasures of life. She called me as she watched the sunset from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial among young families and younger lovers (possibly arranging a menage - her words not mine), just to talk. If she'd had a extra foamy frappacinco and been wearing a Versace she could have been a walk-on in Sex in the City 2.

We stayed on the phone for an hour talking about nothing in the way that friends do, me neglecting my studies for a few minutes of personal connection. It might have been the best thing I did all weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I spent most of it studying, just like I was supposed to. Yeah me! I woke up Saturday and read through most of the material, then went to brunch with Schmoopy, who so-that-every-body-knows for her birthday raised money for charities in Africa. She's doing Habitat for Humanity again later this month and I thought I might do it again, but it all depends on my educational outlook. The open legal memo is looking a little harder than I thought...gee like that's a shock.

Schmoopy and I talked about Sporty, and why it's unhealthy that I'm still there. We both agreed that my thoughts were unrealistic. She also understood that emotions are hardly logical. That would be why we call them emotions. She extolled the concept we both should endeavor to treat our emotions like we treat our bank accounts. We both know we'll fail. Schmoopy is cool.

Then Spanky asked via text from Scotland if she could move in with me until she can get the tenants evicted from her house, which like a whole other story I'm still confused about.

Then I went back to the house and got to studying. I should be ashamed of myself because in reading I'm finding answers to questions that I only guessed at earlier, which means I didn't read the first time. Right there on page six of handout eight is the answer to that question I guessed at three weeks ago. Oops. For background sounds switched from Real Jazz on DirectTV to Watercolors, which has even less words and sounds more like elevator music. For studying it's great.

Sunday I made my grandmother's biscuits for breakfast. It took me eight years to perfect this recipe and it only has three ingredients. There are no measurements, you just know when it's right. And they were. Then I went to the library and studied until the tutoring session for my Monday class started. I learned more in that 75 minutes than I have in the last three classes. I also learned how to answer the Prof's test questions and a few tips for extra points. Again with the Yay me. (Yeah and Yay me are in lieu of more ethnic but less translatable "aww suki suki now" or "Booyah!" - Thanx Mgmt).

By the way, I'm getting tired of watching the Cowboys via highlights on SportsCenter. And I saw where the Colts pulled it out so I know Sporty's happy.

Sunday night was my talk with Shade, and then I did my reading for Monday's class, the test is for one of the Wednesday classes, and in reading got all confused again. I'ma need to email the tutor.

All quiet on the bar front.

Barkeep...a little whiskey and apple juice. Trust me.

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