Thursday, October 2, 2008

It just keeps going and going...

Mental Rehab Post #26
Just when I thought I could make a few bucks selling gas locks, they up and get enough gas. Ain't this about a kool-aid drinking trick. Okay it isn't, but since I've been reliving the bad moments of my life for the past few days -- too hard a job, too much school work, too little anything else -- I figured why not look back on missed opportunities too. Load'em up, move'em out.

I finished the paper in the wee hours of Monday morning, and at work check it and make final corrections and adjustments until 4:30 and turn it in with a time stamp of 5:30pm, a full half hour before deadline. Now I can relax for a little bit and get the rest of my studies in line...right?

Wrong. The next, sorry, let's use the correct terms here...the next "legal memo" is already in play. It's still focused, relatively so, but other than the main case we're pretty much free to research whatever we want. Any of maybe fifty thousand cases. Which is great. Provided I didn't have anything else to do.

Which it turns out strangely enough I do.

The first tricky test is next week. The one they claim is simple but every year someone manages to fail. It's the test of understanding research materials - the law digests, the legal reports, what's federal, when whatever is updated, why would you use X - and although I've got a fair grasp of the subject I just don't want to be that one who stumbles out of the gate. We're still a fairly cohesive bunch, but since grades are curve driven (didn't know that, did you?) you can see that shark glint in an eye or two already. So much much studying is in order this weekend. And I'm taking off the day of the test, to get my mind right. And cram the rest of what I don't already know in there.

Sporty and I ....yes, we still talk....on BB messenger.... had a quick chat and she misses Atlanta, that there is no place like it. I should have told her she's in a new town, with new circumstances and she's just missing the familiar like I would have told any of my other friends. Instead unrealistic hopes leapt into my head and I just agreed with her. So that went, as they used to say sarcastically in the movies, swimmingly. If I'm gonna be a friend I gotta be a friend.

So let's recap. I need to study for my test next week. I need to tighten up on all my studies. I need to beef up the home security. I need to clean up the beefed up secured house. I need to get my car fixed. I need to get my car fixed up. I need to get my mind unhooked from Sporty. Some consensual nudity of a sort would be nice (funny how those two ran together). I need to schedule things a little tighter and stop wasting cash. I need to get my mind right. And I probably should get back to work.

(several hours later)
Barkeep... a wheatgrass and gin shot.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if i told you before Mario but i'm really PROUD OF YOU AND THE WHOLE SCHOOL THING. Its a lot of hard work not to mention a LOT OF READING and like we said on saturday, we might be graduating together if i can make it back in FALL 09.