Friday, April 1, 2011

Wasted Posts

Ramblings Post #180
This is a behind the scenes look at how all the magic comes together. A guided tour of the Mind Distillery. Please keep your hands and feet inside the tour vehicle at all times, there will be a question answer session at the end, it is $3 to take a photo, no snacks will be provided, a bag lunch might be served, everyone is required to line dance, please have your passports ready, and again ladies, autographs will be on the left bosom only.

Because I write a lot these in free moments while I'm supposed to be doing other things, a lot of these don't get finished. Which is why occasionally you'll see one of those "Things I meant to comment on" entries. I'll have a great point I want to make, or a thought I want to get to the meat of, then realize it looks a little lonely and its been awhile, so I'll start to tinker...

...and never actually get anything that amounts to anything. A fleshed out paragraph that needs a introduction, and that leads to other points. An outline of story. One great point connected to nothing. A scribble that looks like it might have potential. So I throw it all into a big entry. Or make bar chatter.

(Note: This has been open on screen at work for at least two hours as little window in the background. I'm just adding points when I get a minute or two.)

I hate when I get an idea, in the middle of an idea...and then I want to split it out into two updates. Which means even more writing during time I don't really have. I don't really like to let a good idea for a entry get gobbled up by another idea. And since I get ideas for stories all the time, what would make you think the errant update is any different?

(Note: At some point it happened today, and started writing literature about waiting for a phone call. Grand and prosaic language, themes and imagery. About a phone call. And in the end I decided I should call...or at least text if it was that damned important. Sigh)

At the end of the day, I'll wrap up. Now, there are times when I get home and have to put a polish on it or look up source for the political ones, but a good part of the writing is piecemeal. And idea. Then work. Then expanding the idea. Then more work. Then finally a good 75 to 80% done and its time to head home.

Or there are entries like this one, which is now in day Two (or really day three, because is started it two days ago but didn't touch it yesterday). Meaning I wrote what I thought was it, and then didn't put it up. So, I go back and, what's the correct phrase here? Oh yeah, fuck it up so that it doesn't read near as smooth as it used to. Or I stick in yet another brilliant idea that really should have been constructed into an entry of its own.

See, here we are roughly...two hours later, it's still open in the background, and I'm dashing off thoughts before one last round of checking for fresh chicken to pluck. And polishing on that phone call story. Which is at the bottom of the this same little window, saved in the same text file for ease of access. Typing in text allows me to type without having to worry about formatting, spelling. I don't realize how badly I spell until it hits the page here, and spell check comes on.

Then a last read through. A bit more polish. And ...

...well, that's really it. Seriously.

Barkeep...give it to me straight.

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