Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You wouldn't believe me if I told ya...

This a political post...
( i was gonna let this go by with no comment)

Why does only the black guy have to have his paperwork?

As I understand it, Donald Trump at first did not supply his actual birth certificate for inspection, handing over a piece paper that looks suspiciously like a certificate you can win to certify your hotness from the local carnival. Mitt Romney's birth certificate is sealed, and there is a nary a peep raised. But Obama has to show his driver's license, social security card, birth certificate (both copies), high school diploma, immunization card, a recent cable and power bill, a bank statement and get two references. So here it is. The long form birth certificate. Properly authenticated by the appropriate state officials...from the opposing party.

And wouldn't you know it, now the Republicans are mad at him for releasing it! Although my understanding is something along the lines of 40% of their party members had serious doubts on the matter. And some GOP office holders encouraged the rhetoric. And the GOP party leaders would never go so far as to say it, only that they "took the President at his word". The line now is that it was always a "settled issue."

The sad part is, this will not make this story go away.

Rarely has their existed a weaker, more insane conspiracy than the idea that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. Despite no evidence to the contrary, other than his father was Kenyan, the idea that he was a Sleeper Muslim planted over 40 years ago by radical socialists unknown found a deep seated place in the mindset of the troubled Republican mind and stayed there. It was as sure a sign of the aboriginal racist that still lurks around some of the darker parts of the national psyche as possible. That the Republican nominee wasn't born in the US (John McCain was born in Panama on a military base) was no issue.

The original crazy lady, Dr/Attorney/Real Estate agent/Carnival Barker Orly Taitz has already chimed in, claiming the document should read Negro, not African...although Obama's father was African, not an American Negro. There will be others who feel the paper isn't the right color...or the type looks like a typewriter used in the hospital reception, not the maternity ward....or something. Anything. Because, this just can't be right. Because they need their America back. Please?

My understanding, although a bit foggy, is that now, the birther crowd is already looking for a new hook. I mean the meetings were so nice, and they already got a bowling league started. So why quit now? How did Obama get into an Ivy League school like Columbia and then Harvard is already percolating in the pot of questions. Um.. he's black. Affirmative Action?

Why, that's a conspiracy!

Those who didn't believe the short form will never believe. And even if you prove A, they'll be onto B so quickly, and C once the second concept has been dis-proven, that you'll quickly realize that these are folks just looking for a reason, any reason at all, to not like the man. To discredit him somehow. For reasons I'm certain that some of them don't even understand.

The Obama didn't bring us into a post-racial America. It just made the ugly lingering scars of it more stark against the background of our imagined reality.

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