Sunday, April 17, 2011

A pre-movie Review: The Hangover - Part II

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I don't go to the movies. The last time I actually went to the movies I think it was me and Sporty, and come to think of it we still were supposed to go see Honeydripper, which I sincerely doubt is going BACK to the theaters, so we missed one. But I have a bunch of movie channels and can't sleep some nights. In any case, I know a good movie when I see one. And this has so much potential.

The trailer for the upcoming movie the Hangover II was pulled because it gave away too much of the story, which if you watched the trailer is pretty much exactly the same story as the first movie. Now the producers are scared that by letting people know that they've just moved the same story to some place in Thailand people will be disappointed.

Did the producers even see the first movie?

The Hangover was funny. Really funny.

Like Coming to America Funny. Like Animal House funny. Like Blazing Saddles, My Cousin Vinny, Caddyshack kinda funny. Technically, the film was so funny, they could have just re-shot the entire first movie from different angles and it would still make a mint. I still watch it every time it comes on HBO or Showtime.

So it's the same premise as the first film. Impending wedding, one forgotten night of debauchery, someone important goes missing, they spend the day trying to find him while they have to go back and face the by the light a re-hash of their shenanigans. So what? If the using the same basic idea was a film killer, the there would no such thing as a romantic comedy film. Boy and girl can't get along then fall in love. Bruce Willis would still be tending bar, Arnold would just be an old guy at the gym and Steven Segal would be your kid's karate instructor who hits him in the back of the head while you aren't looking, because we used up the idea of the action hero sometime in the mid 70's.

So it's the same?

So what? It will still be funny. I was laughing at the trailer and I knew it was gonna be the same thing.

For an industry that prides itself on turning out familiar fare, think of how many remakes and sequels you've seen in the past few years, now they want to get skittish? Really?

This one, I might actually have to go see. Maybe. I am taking classes this summer.

Barkeep. A Zambucca shake. Yes. No really, that's what I want. Seriously.

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CC said...

I will watch it regardless, like you said, the first was so funny I've got to see the second one. I'd probably still laugh even if its the same movie just set in another country!