Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I meant to comment on...

Ramblings Post #168
Sometimes you get busy. It happens. You don't see it coming, but you turn around and you've been up for 24 hours and haven't eaten since that piece of carrot cake sometime around lunch yesterday. It happens. All you can do is stop, take a deep breath, and keep it moving.

Here are some things I really and truly meant to comment on this week but couldn't find the time. There are a number of half written posts on a jump drive somewhere....

State of the Union address
I didn't see it, I was busy READING for class. But understand Batman Obama made an appearance, smooth jacking his opponents power talking points and making them his own.

Damn. First the Fat Boys break up and now this. Um, wait, I meant Tunisia. It looks like the 1979 Iran Revolution all over again. Let's hope they don't duplicate the end state of their forerunners, and this stays a twitter/21st century revolution.

Chicken Plucking
It's done, I've been moved. Since I started plucking them chickens nearly a decade ago, I've always been in the "Penthouse". Sure I used to go down to help out but not for a long time. Now for the first time, I'm down in the belly of the beast. Talk about seeing the "writing on the wall" to get on to the next thing?

Suddenly, I want my ole scatter brained professor back. No wait, considering my grade and her final, no I don't. They say the first year they scare, the second they work you and the third they bore you, well, let's just say, "it's cotton picking hot" out here. week the reading for one class is like, roughly, 350 pages.

Went back and bam! No seriously, like bam! Bam Bam! Like who is this guy in the mirror? Three months, and I'm gonna be taking my shirt off for no reason, just trying to show this cut. If I can work it in between school and work. Okay, six months.

A week ago it was freezing. Now its almost 70 degrees. It will soon be freezing again. Um...the weather needs to make its mind. Hold on wait. It just snowstormed in the Northeast. My bad. The weather can do whatever it wants, just no more snow this year. Thanks.

Social Life.
After class on Saturday I went to brunch with Spanky, and we talked about her "new" man, maybe. Um, that was about it. Let's, home, school, work, school, brunch...studying...yep, that about does it. Brunch with a friend. Wooooooo.

Barkeep, a short beer, I got to back at it...

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