Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I learned 2011

Each year we all go out, get a little tipsy, and have a good time, then wake up the January 1st and promise ourselves that this year is our year, that we're going to do things different, that we're going to make things happen to change who we are.

And for the vast majority of us, it's just another fiction we tell ourselves, along with "I'm just taking this job until the one I want opens up" or "Holiday calories don't count". Its one those things you do because everybody does them, not because you really mean it. And that's kinda sad.

This past year I did some things. I made it through two semesters of law school (took the summer off) and lost about fifty pounds. But then I don't really make resolutions, what I do is put a little thought into those truths I came to realize this year. And hopefully, I'll internalize a lesson or two for the future.

With apologies to Esquire magazine, from whom I brazenly stole this idea from (seriously guys I'm just practicing for the day you do call...I want to be ready)

The weight does matter.
People who care never really leave. You might not speak to them anymore, but they're still there.
Hard times reveal great truths.
Bad losers are even worse winners.
I don't think I'm ever going to get over how my voice sounds on video.
If you dig a hole in the wrong spot, digging it deeper isn't going to fix it.
Things taste better when you haven't had them in a while.
We're not the same person we were yesterday, because we're always changing.
My period of indulgence has been much longer than most folks.
Part of getting what you want is doing those things necessary to get it, even if its not fun or seems counterproductive.
Blogging for four years, and yet the vast majority of my hits are because of a picture I posted.
I need to finish just one personal project.
French fries are fantastic.
I'm not used to compliments.
A lot of things I start on a whim I've become passionate about later. I'm a slow starter, but a strong finisher. Like a freight train.
One needs to be careful when you tell someone you love them, because it may make them do something crazy. Like believe you.

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