Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes its a Blank Page

Ramblings Post #164
Sometimes, you get empty. All of it that could be done for now is done and all you can do is wait, or keep busy. And if you don't want to keep busy then all you can do is stand there and wait. For the next sunrise, the next semester, the next snap, the next kickoff, the next next.

Haven't been in a writing mood lately.

School is restarting, books cost too much, people I started with are graduating, worried about grades, the chicken plucking farm is "repositioning" me, car still running funny, house still being a house funny, not hungry just eating for taste and still off my diet, things are happening, sun rises and sets, life is just whizzing by...

...and I feel like as life speeds up I can't get it out of first gear.

It's been cloudy for like two weeks though. Maybe I need some sun. Maybe I just need to get back on the diet.

Barkeep, the diet lite sugar free bourbon. You don't have that? I'll just have to make do.

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