Monday, January 24, 2011

And So, we Return...

Ramblings Post #166
It is said that when Cortes landed in the New World, he burned his ships so his warriors couldn't turn back. It's a concept called pre-commitment. Where you eliminate the alternative, so you have no choice but to go forward. It didn't actually happen quite that way, but we all get the idea. There as some things, once begun which cannot be stopped until completed. For me...that is the return of the sexy. The arrival of the sexy? Some measure of sexy achieved? A couple of hungry looks would be nice.

After almost two months pigging out, I've started back on the "program."

It's an interesting thing, going back, something I really didn't think I would do. I realize, really I do realize, that weight loss is more of an attitude change than a temporary change of eating habits, but this is the part I thought I'd left behind.

My plan, once I'd gotten down, was that I would indulge every so often while smoothing out some of the less palatable edges. A little gravy every so often. A little sauce on the meat. The occasional burger every two weeks or so.

Didn't happen.

Hot wings and Fries. Slice of sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese. Five Guys two patties with fries. Zaxby's Chicken finger plate. Boston Market's chocolate chip brownie. Ice cream with crushed Oreos. Chili dogs with onions...

So, we're going back. Now, mind you that in that month of ridiculous amount of indulgence I only went back up one notch on the belt, but that little loss was all it took to get my mind right. And I was starting not to feel good. My mornings were starting to get sluggish again, the 45 minute wake up plan, and my focus was fading. I had a fairly good semester on this diet, may as well stick to what works. And I still want to be able to take my shirt off for no reason.

This isn't to say that I'm back on this till I die. I mean, there is a second stage of foods for the maintenance part of the program, but I'm putting that off until I'm happy with the overall look again. I got to get the sexy right. And now that I have some structure to this whole thing, that original occasional indulgence idea might creep back into the picture, only this time in focus.

Barkeep, one of them fruit smoothies. And by fruit smoothie, I actually mean fruit smoothie.

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