Friday, February 4, 2011

Belly of the Beast.

Ramblings Post #169
Up ahead is darkness. The unknown. But you keep going. Darkness is the unknown personified, because we talk to and breathe the unknown every day. Today is never like yesterday, it is always something new. And though you can plan and predict circumstances, things can change in and instant, or not. Up ahead is darkness. My old friend the unknown comes again. I hope he still likes bourbon.

A while ago, when law school had lain me low, and my days and nights consisted solely of work, school, study, sleep and the drive back and forth betwixt these elements, I theorized that the day I would quit one of those, either work or sleep, would be that day where the women who worked in the warehouse at the chicken factory started to look or get cute to me. Look like "good" options.

Not the regular chicken pluckers, there a few potential candidates there. I mean, Sporty used to pluck them chickens, and she's a fine little bit, she's a catch. But the women who work in the warehouse, to a woman, are, how to put this delicately...a different breed. They're nice ladies, I've known all of them for years, but if we all were to go out for, say drinks, um, we'd all be checking out the chick in the short skirt lounging at the far end of the bar. For the same reason. Technically we're on the same team, know what I mean?

But after much hemming and hawing, the powers that be have moved me from among the chicken pluckers up in the Penthouse, down into the belly of the beast, in an effort to create a certain degree of synergy. I left behind Chatty Mogul (who is now into trying to make iPhone apps), the allure of office intrigue, and apparently heat, for easier access to the parking lot...and what else I'm not sure. Hugo and I, (Hugo is what I'm calling my new back up guy) packed up on Monday and hit the low road.

It's not bad. It's a new set of folks, people I've known for years, but never really had extended contact with.

It is a change of pace.

And since my game plan involves another "change" soon as I transition into a more legal atmosphere so as to take advantage of my fine education, I guess you can call this a gentle easing into the concept. I will admit that yes, I got, I got my comfort level with my current company and old situation reached sky high. I knew I could do those tasks assigned me, very well, and when my boss lady in as many words told me I could do as I wanted as long as the work got done so...

Well, let's leave it as I was not an model employee.

In the few scant days that I've been relocated, I've gotten together a new attitude. Coming in earlier although I don't have to, working better with my peers, bettering office communication skills, and reawakening all those skills I'm gonna need for the next situation. In a few months when I do dive in, I'll be better prepared, I think. Life changes, like anything else, shouldn't be entered into lightly.

Okay, I did enter law school on a bad intention, but I've gotten better. Okay, to more aptly put it, when you get a chance to prepare, take it.

Barkeep, them ladies down there I work with...send them a drank. They looking kinda nice.

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