Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, here we are...

Ramblings Post #172
This post is the thing i have worked on the most this week. This post or the one before it, I'm not sure, but my output is not much farther beyond this. Sad, isn't it.

My concentration is fading. That urge to get things done, to achieve, to create, is slowing its impetus and for the last few weekends, instead of following my carefully constructed plans for self betterment, study, and personal achievement, I've intermittently napped, snacked, surfed the web, played Angry Birds and watched Spongebob reruns.

My plan was after my Saturday morning class to study in the library for a few hours. Then head home for a light dinner, and reading for the Wednesday night class to familiarize myself with the material. Then up Sunday morning to actually do some work on one of my many, many personal projects. Any one of them, all of them. Notes, update, rework, add a bit more to the story, something. Anything as long as it was progress. And then on Sunday afternoon, the reading for the Thursday class (since football season is over) and Sunday night would be TV or a computer game, or more on one of my projects. Simple, elegant, and apparently currently impossible.

It would be simple if it were just a video game. I could uninstall it or put the game system in the closet, and that would be that. Or just television watching. I just wouldn't turn the set on. But this past Sunday, I woke up around 9a.m. and didn't crawl out of bed until after 1 in the afternoon. Then after going to grocery store to buy veggies (I am still part the way on my diet!) I crawled back in the bed. For a nap. The brief that I have been working on and off for the past week was neglected. Again.

I need something to kick start me. I used to use the phrase: "I just need to make some positive yards", a few yards and few yards until I get to first down. Then I can start again.


Well, let me back to doing something productive. Oh, look...my pillow.

Barkeep. I believe they call it a "nightcap"...

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