Friday, February 25, 2011

Bam! Spring Break ...

Ramblings Post #173
You want to to know when it's bad? When Spring Break sneaks up on you! Up until my professors started mentioning "after you come back from Spring Break", it wasn't even on my calender. This is my third year of school after school and I'm tired. But I didn't think I was that tired.

I wish so, so hard.
Thanks Patrick Star...

Things I'm gonna be doing for Spring Break...

Or rather, what I really wish I was gonna be doing for Spring Break, because in reality of what I'm gonna be doing is fleshing out my outlines for class, working on an opening statement for Litigation in case my trial partner expects me to do it, putting together an actual desk I promise I'm gonna buy (really!), maybe a bookshelf from Ikea (to get these books off my floor), getting back on my diet strong - maybe even gym time - and cleaning up my house.

I WANT to sleep in, play video games and drink beer all day. Hang out all night a couple of nights. Maybe eat bad food and at least one night fall asleep with a spoon in my mouth. Spend one whole day walking around in my underwear.

Or I used to.

In reality, while Spring Break for me means I don't have class, I still have to go to work and get at that. And the job is rough. So the term doesn't mean the same thing it used to long long ago. Those were occasionally spent at the beach, or just lounging about the...inexpensive college accommodation. Inebriated. But no more, and honestly...I'm not sure I would want to.

I really have been meaning to fold up ALL my laundry. And move it off the washing machine this time.

I want to stop the endless cycle of plates moving from use, to sink to the drying rack and then back to use. Instead I plan on letting them make overnight stays or five in the cabinets.

I want to get my books arranged, so that I can look at them without digging for something. When I get a chance to read. Not that it will be anytime soon. But they're MY books!

And much to my personal chagrin, there aren't a whole lot of foods that taste as good as thin feels. Yes, I can feel when I haven't been on my diet. My midsection feels thick. And it's really annoying. Really. Because I am so into the brownies from Boston Market.

Maybe it's maturity. But as I told my RP a while back, I'm done with the big party. You know, those shoulder to shoulder, screaming and hollering to talk to somebody, who are you and are they supposed to be in here, type party. I've thrown the shutdown a sub-division party. Thrown the folks parked a mile away party. But it's all noise and fury, sound and light, and tiring beyond belief. I'm looking for something different. I been there, done that. Over and over again.

This week off I'm going make some tactical moves to make this work better in the long run. Although my graduation plans are going to stall, due to the lightness of the summer program, I'm not looking at it as a setback, but more time to get my strategy right.

Barkeep, it's Spring Break. Yeah! Can I get a glass of ice tea, un-sweet, and some celery. Diet.

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