Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Saga of Spring: Part 1

Ramblings Post #174
Oh the joy of Spring. Where we shake of the chilly shackles of winter and welcome the warmth of a renewed world. Our spirits lift, a bit more thigh is generously exposed and evenings are spent on the patio, a cup of spirits in hand among the laughter of good friends. Not that any of that is happening to me, mind you. Nope. Not I.

(Note: These were originally intended as daily updates, but I got lazy. It's Spring Break!)

Spring Break - Day One

This should have been studying after a long day of work. The reading, outlining, looking ahead, along with cleaning and exercising. Okay, I did exercise.

So anyway, because it stormed right around rush hour, after we sat around the office waiting out the worst of the rain and speculated on insurance payouts for destroyed homes. It's a fun office. And since the power was still on, I went online and found my desk (on sale until the 5th at office depot) for $150, so now I just need to find some bookshelves.

For dinner I had shrimp and spinach. Just like old times.

Spring Break - Day Two

My school books are still unread, no new pages have been written on anything, and the laundry is still sitting there. Because I apparently fell into a video game stupor, cursing the designers and switching out ordinances in an attempt to figure out the proper combination to defeat a level. I hate when I get to the end of a video game and designer, all out of ideas, decides to just throw in MORE to make it tougher.

For dinner I had steak and the baked potato, which is actually on my diet.

I've fallen into the routine of wheat toast and grapes for breakfast, an orange as a morning snack, a salad for lunch and winging it from there. Some nights I'm good, like last night, and other nights...we'll let's just say I've at least stayed away from the ribs.

So far.

So this is Spring Break, eh? I've seen better.

Spring Break - Day Three

When last I spoke to Sporty, she was working her way through the little book I sent her for Valentines. Seeing how it's maybe 40 pages and she is an avid reader, and couple of the pages are mostly blank, and I have an active imagination....

...I'm gonna make myself stop thinking about that.

My lil ole tax return came, so I paid up everything hanging out and got four new tires for the whip. [Note: the term "whip" when used here indicates the small red FULLY PAID FOR economy compact auto full of trash and old mail that I will valet in a hot skippy minute]. Next up is the transmission, which of course because there are no car payments suddenly started acting up. What a coincidence.

I was going to go out to Straits, where a friend of mine has a little regular Wednesday set, but after reading my classmates comments on how they actually were doing what I claimed I would be doing - studying - I took it the house. A lil reading, a lil outling, a lil...whatever else law students do.

So far...I haven't gotten into any trouble yet. Man, I must be getting old.

Barkeep, that Orange Sunrise Crystal Light, and a five hour energy....

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