Monday, March 14, 2011

It Caught Me!

Ramblings Post #177
Every now and then, things catch up with you. Those shots at the bar. That taco salad with extra beans. That guy with the eye patch who swears you owe him a kidney and $500 from that one time. That forgotten delinquent credit card from college. They catch you when you least expect it, when you aren't looking, and then got to pay. Or explain why of all the kidneys in the world, the one you got is probably isn't the best on the market today.

I slept.

Saturday I woke up and went to class. Then I went home and went to bed. And that was Saturday.

When I was a kid, like most small kids, I resisted that nap. Now? Let me find a cozy spot to sleep. Gone like that. Bye bye. So Saturday, I got home after a blistering Litigation class, and took a few minutes to talk to Spanky and the birthday girl (see previous post) on a conference call...briefly. They had plans and things they wanted to do, going out, seeing this, drinks there, and somehow I got volunteered. So I said fine, whatever, just let me do a little of the reading for class, then I would get a nap and be ready to roll.

I think I got in bed around three. Yes, bed. No weak couch "resting my eyes", but an actual crawl under the covers bury my head in the pillows knock out nap. Note here, as it always has been, my cell phone is vibrate. There is no ring. So, it was almost 10 pm when I woke up. On a Saturday night. So I ate a little something, watched some bad TV and was back in the bed two hours later.


Not asleep, but sleep. Not resting, or slumbering, or in repose...but sleep.

I awoke Sunday around the new noon and cleaned up the bedroom, adding probably some 40 square feet of floor space in the process. Yes, it was THAT messy. I had gotten tired of looking at it. Then I read some more of my class stuff and re-dedicated myself to my diet, upon which I had been slacking for the past few weeks. I'm going back to the hardcore for least two or three weeks. Practically no sugar, no salt, lots of veggies, little red meat.

And, it just hit me that the semester is more than halfway done. Time to start the almighty gear up.'s getting out of control.

Barkeep, I need something so I can keep up with all this EXCITEMENT! What's that? Red kool-aid in a sippy cup? Is it sugar free?

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