Monday, March 7, 2011

The Saga of Spring: Part 2

Ramblings Post #175
Please use the Spring iterations from the previous post. I haven't the strength to compose a new ode, especially since somebody hit reverse and suddenly it's back in the 40's. Straight spring fake out. Not cool man. Not cool!

Spring Break - Day Four

Last year, last summer, i had a break-in attempt. Thursday I paid the guy for fixing it. Yes, that is a long time. But then I had to call him twice to even get him to send me the bill. The invoice was dated December! Before he does anymore work I'll be paying in advance, because not knowing how much you owe is a killer. And I've obviously abused my credit privileges.

I went to work, went home, looked at the syllabus, counted the pages to read, watched some television, looked at the syllabus again, got upset when the number wasn't smaller this time. I'm the backside of this journey now, and I'm hoping that I don't get slack or let up. I need 90 hours to graduate and I should be in the final third at the end of this semester. But I can feel the slackness arising. That I don't have a class to go due to Break isn't helping.

Spring Break - Day Five

Dropped the "whip" off to get the transmission fixed at 8am and walked the mile or so the office from the place. Brisk! I chose them because they offered the diagnostic for free, something you don't still see very often. But after the guy told me the problem I'm mad because the guys at where I normally get my oil changed never said anything! It turns out I have leak, that's it. A lot less costly than I imagined. Scooped up the rental for the weekend and it's all good.

So I get to the house, take off the shoes, pull on a t-shirt, put on my sleep pants and figure out how to enjoy this last day of Spring Break without wandering out of the house into the rain. Then the phone rings and it's Slim, who ain't seen in a hot minute. She needs to get some heavy things out of her car (how she got them in I won't ask). After deciding that the printer and box of liquor probably weren't the best things to leave on the car seat in her neighborhood, I put my clothes back on and rode over.

She was planning a party for Saturday, and I unloaded her supplies. And the printer. Then moved the bunk bed mattresses upstairs out of the middle of the living room. Then hid the bed frames. The things you do for your peoples. Me and Slim go way back, she's one of the original Game Night players. (Game Night is where it all started a decade ago)

Spring Break - Day Six

It is possible to waste a day? A whole day? I really need structure. I thrive in a structure. Left to my own devices I'm fairly certain I'd forget to breathe at some point I'd get so naturally lazy. I need purpose. Something. A little nudge of something outside me to get me started.

Note: I am prone to hyperbole.

Saturday, I'm fairly certain through, I accomplished very little. I read through my cases, one of which actually intrigues me, and fiddled around with an opening statement for litigation, but basically I wasted a day. I'm missing a USB drive with a story opening I thought was promising, and instead using the printout I made for just such an emergency, I'm still looking around for it. Okay, not really looking, more like waiting on it to turn up magically, because I spent the day futzing about my house.

Saturday I returned to Slim's house for her birthday party, and the associated tiger pit located therein. I say that, because very quickly the conversation among the small group of upwardly mobile educated black people turned to black relationship issues, which in the words of an old classmate, is like "inviting a black man to a lynching and asking if he could bring some rope." The conversation wound down after two hours, when the women decided that black men weren't worth the trouble and they would start considering "alternative" male suitors. I wanted to go to home eventually and not be branded for life (Atlanta is smaller than you think) so I just kinda nodded my head and let the whole thing die down.

Spring Break - Day Seven

If you thought Saturday was bad....

...I need some B12 or a purpose or something. Talk about a day wasted! All I did was one trip to the grocery store. Oh, and I missed Sporty.


We used to be in sync. Sometimes I think we still are. And it's cool.

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