Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obama and the NCAA tourney

This is a political post...kinda.

The President of the United States has made his picks. And for some reason he is catching flak for not "concentrating" on the real issues of the day?

Perhaps the people who think the President has more important things to do need a quick reality check of what the man actually does AND need an update about just how long it takes to fill out a bracket.

The President isn't down at Andrews Air Force base loading the C-130s personally to get aid to Japan, nor is he preparing to MacGuyver into the meltdown to personally pull the nuclear rods out and cool them off with a mix of slushie and applesauce. He isn't watching a live satellite feed of the Libyan opposition engaged in street battles with pro-Gaddafi forces and barking out orders into a headset as though he were playing Call of Duty. He's not personally filling out unemployment paperwork to make sure you get your check. And all he can do is wait for Congress to present him a budget to sign. It's in the constitution. In the modern age, he sends Congress his proposal, they do as they will. All he can do is wait.

So you know, he's got a few minutes.

And because this morning, I filled out my third bracket, using the time honored method of "Um...they'll win" and pure guesswork I know how long it takes to do a bracket. Took me two minutes. And with a country to run and two children, I sincerely doubt Obama is little more than vaguely aware of the nuances of this college basketball season. The tout picks that factor in whose hot, who's hurt, or how far somebody is playing from home probably had no bearing on his selections.

However long the piece on ESPN lasted is probably all the thought Obama put into it. Five or ten minutes. Like most Americans. And it only lasted that long because it was a television piece. Any comments he made probably came from note given to him by a junior staffer who got them from his little brother who actually has time to watch the games. It's not like he flew to Bristol on Air Force One, they came to his house!

But by now you realize that the people that want to get him, will try to get him for any reason. Any, no matter how trivial.

Now, he's got get on a spin bike to keep Tokyo's lights on and personally go chin check to Wall Street, wait, he doesn't have to do that either.

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