Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who we need is UN Jefferson

This is a political post.

This guy. This guy right here. This is the guy I elected. Well, I thought I elected.

The problem I have is the problem the tea partiers and the Angry Voters have. I don't want wise words, intelligence when making decisions, adherence to process, political compromise for long term sustainability or patience to wade through the morass of emotion. I want strength and instant results. .

But only for the stuff I want done. My stuff exclusively.

Apparently a lot of Americans would love a dictator, if he was on their side (see Bush Administration - indefinite detainment). They don't mind inequalities, as long as the inequality is in their favor (see Bush Administration - larger tax breaks for wealthy) . And shredding the constitution is horrible, unless by doing so the changes I want can happen faster. (see Bush Administration - Fourth Amendment issues)

Lately, as the mire of economic woes seems get darker, we all want answers and fixes and we all want them now. And a lot of the frustrations that occur to people putting in a lot of work for a little effort is becoming more evident. A lot of expectations - expectations that as a function of national expectation are way out of line with reality - are not being met. And as a result, a lot of Americans are exhibiting behavior that at five years old would have earned them a "butt cutting". Threatening folks, yelling and not listening, not compromising on anything, etc, you know, just anger looking for outlet. Or to put in a better perspective, if was being done TO their five year old, they would be at the school trying to sue somebody for bullying their child. Or in some cases, fight somebody.

And if you age my five year old example up to teenage years, what you get is the crux of the issue. You see the liberals are the sweet little dweeb whose mother dresses him funny, and the Republicans are the cool guys who smoke behind the gym.

Everybody wants to hang out with the cool guys. They wear the leather jackets, and have the nice stuff. Once they get their band together, and make some great music, we'll all be superstars. And no one ever notices that their grades aren't good, or that they're parents pay for everything, and that in the end the only ones that benefited from anything they talked you into is them. But they're just so cool.

The, liberals on the other hand are the kids dress a little funny and know all the rules. They can hold real conversations, remember your birthday, help you study, actually care how you feel, and will spend their own money to make sure the homeless guy down at the bus station has a sandwich on a cold night. They're great guys. Only no one really wants to chill with a guy who is willing to work all night on that paper and get them a good grade. They want to hang out with the guy who can score them some beer.

Now, despite the continuing series of political roadblocks and blind obstinacy to anything with a Democratic name attached to it, analysts are still seeing this as an extremely productive Congress. A lot of legislation was passed that will benefit all Americans on its face, instead of a small who group who will in turn help everyone else. It's the same as if the little guy, that dweeb, despite the fact that everyone else is out texting or hooking up, worked all night to make sure everyone's prom wasn't ruined. And his thanks? The same thanks the real people who put it all together got. Just about nothing. We'll even elect the cool guy prom king just to rub it in.

Just like in high school, the cool guys [the conservatives] just tell a better story.

We hoped, when we voted him in, that we had found our own UN Jefferson. If you don't remember, UN Jefferson was the black savior of the nerds from the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds. At the end of the movie, UN arrives, stands up to the obnoxious bully boys and gives the nerds a chance to speak, allowing everyone to realize that most of us are disadvantaged. That we're all just feeding into a system we all want to be a part of - the wealthy and well to do - but will never be able to join. It's why now although most of us will never be millionaires, half of us are battling for their right to privilege. Because we think one day we'll be there too! Um....yeah, right.

UN Jefferson

In a few weeks, we'll all get to vote again. And this time, hopefully we'll turn it into one those uplifting stories, where the guy who got picked on and did all the work finally gets his due. More likely however, the cool guys, having done nothing will win again.

Where are you UN?

(okay, we'd settle for this guy)

Barkeep, I need some Booker's on this one.

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