Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stand up and Admit it

Ramblings Post #143
There are times in a man's life when he must own up to those things he is. I have no other belongings, my actions and my beliefs are my sole possessions, for all else is gone, those will be what I have to live on. I am what I am. That is all that I am.

I am a Dallas Cowboy fan.

These are not good times.

I have been a Cowboy fan since I first started watching the game, for reasons I'm not quite clear about. Raised in South Carolina before the Panthers existed, and when the Falcons were...let's just say before the Falcons were who they are now, the Sunday football packages were limited. Probably because we only had three channels. Well, five channels, but one was PBS and the other a Christian broadcasting station, so...we had three channels. And they broadcast the Cowboys a lot. There was something about the team, the crisp precision of team execution and Coach Tom Landry, with the phone in his jacket

Did you know that a coach now has to get special permission to wear a suit on the sidelines?

The reality that they are now in the midst of a losing season does not deter my loyalty at all. Yes, I said losing season, because until they reach .500, it's a losing season. I made it through the one win season that Troy Aikmen's baptism by fire, I'll make it through this. I cannot believe I trusted Wade with my team. At times like this I can't even watch the games, as the frustration would raise my blood pressure and endanger my furniture. There was time that my mother would put off her Sunday night call until Tuesday or Wednesday because she knew I'd be upset after a Cowboy loss.

I am very passionate about some things.

I also am very aware that my fine tuning is a little rusty. As a youth I had trouble modulating certain expressions of frustrations (i.e, I used to get very angry and break stuff) so I dialed it all the way back to point where for the most part I appear aloof. Its not that I don't feel things, I'm just not very good with them.

Which is why I'm writing this, to vent my frustration at the random Cowboy hate that seems to be free floating about. Okay, it was funny when people say something like, "My team is the Redskins, and whoever is playing the Cowboys" or some variation thereof when the 'Boys were winning. Yep, all fun and games until somebody gets a penalty that negates a game winning pass. But now it looks like its kind of deserved: racking up stupid penalties, uninspired playing calling, etc, although they were really only a penalty or three away from winning a couple of those. And maybe now I'm only just seeing the ire, but there are people whose team isn't even playing the Cowboys who just want to see them lose. Okay, I give Sporty a pass because although her team doesn't play Dallas, she is actually in Dallas, so the comments do have a bit of an outsider defensive rationale. That and I'm stupid for her. The rest of these mugs, especially those whose teams aren't even in the same division mystify me.

I don't think I'm being sensitive either, I lived through a whole season in college with two rabid Redskins fans, I've heard the Cowboy criticism, both deserved and not. But ragging on the Cowboys who were picked to win it all and failing? They didn't anoint themselves, the sports writers picked them. And now things aren't going the way they planned, which happens in football. A lot.

No, these are not good times.

But I'm still a Cowboy fan. Good or Bad.

Barkeep. One Tall Texas beer. Hey, maybe they can still pull it out!

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