Monday, October 18, 2010

Sipping Talk

Sipping Talk
Sometimes it doesn't even qualify as bar chatter. Half thoughts that you mumble between sips of a good bourbon or whiskey. Sipping Talk. It's like your minds on auto, and your mouth doesn't know not to work. Because of the really good bourbon or whiskey.

Φ Well, football season is pretty much over. I mean, maybe they can get it back this season, but that's a long hard row to hoe.
φ Need a new celly. I like the blackberry, but I want more functionality.
δ The PS3 is about to go into the closet until December. It's NEVER just 5 more minutes.
φ Why do I still get status updates from the person who unfriended me on Facebook? [the one that mattered anyway]
Φ I would really like...a slice of pizza. I'm so ready for this part of my weight loss program to be ovah!
φ Tired. Tired of so many things. So tired.
φ About time to saddle up and ride. Finals are right around the corner. The corner being a month from now.
δ I'm going to start going to bed earlier.
Φ At 18, I should have just packed a bag and moved to South America or the South Pacific like I dreamed of.
δ Pizza and Chicken wings. With fries.
φ Slim hit me up out of the blue talking about brunch on Sunday. I didn't go. Diet.
Θ If you don't think you've won, you haven't won. The score is immaterial
Φ I'm not going clothes shopping until I'm done. And I'm not done.
δ Cole Haan stop making the shoe style I liked. The term classic means nothing to them.
Φ I think I've finally stopped believing in love songs.
Θ NPR's contribution drive always irritates me.
Φ I would really like to go sleep tonight, wake up and it be 1975 and I'm a kid again.
Θ Ice cream sandwiches
φ The only thing I've ever really measured my life by I'm woeful short on.
Φ Started yet ANOTHER new story I'm never going to finish.
Θ I think I need a hug. Okay, I need more than a hug, but I'll settle for a hug.
Φ Going on eight years, still haven't taken a vacation. But I got nobody to go with, so I'm not missing anything.
δ Maybe I should have been a rapper.
Φ I'm not where I expected to be at this point in my life. Not even in the worst case scenarios.

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