Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notes from Field

Ramblings Post #133
You have to learn to prioritize. I haven't been that good at that lately. There are a lot of things that need to get done, and I'm not doing them. Well, I am studying a lot, but after that, I'm probably sure that trying to figure out ways to get around my diet should be lower on my list of things I'm frequently trying to do. Probably. Maybe. I better be able to eat pie when this is over.

I haven't been updating this lately, too busy with school and work, trying to apply myself and keep this train moving at the same time. Classes have been picking up speed, I'm going to have to get my shit together earlier this year to keep up, and I'm trying to crystallize what the future holds at the same time. At least the crush at work has smoothed out so I'm able to get to writing this at the office between clients.

The Weight thing
I'm holding off clothes shopping until I get closer to my target weight. I'm about halfway there and currently look swallowed up by most of the clothes I own. I've successfully gone from the first notch on the belt all the way to the last notch, and am considering getting another belt to continue this crude manner of "guy" measuring.

As I mentioned before I'm not really sure how this weight thing is going to work out either. I've used the weight as an excuse to myself for personal social failings, what happens when you don't have the excuse. I realize to some extent I'm repeating myself here, but it's on my mind. And I'm really hoping at the end, to maintain this, I can just be conscious of what I eat and not focused on it like I am now with the daily do I have my snacks, do I have the supplement, is it too late to eat and all that BS.

The Life thing
As school begins its normal consumption of my time and energy, I'm finding that many aspects of what I used to call life - the parties, the drop-ins, the events, etc - are starting to fade into the background. My planned projects are on hold for the house, my planned projects (the oh so many books and other things) are on hold, and so I'm unraveling on one level and coming together on another.

There was supposed to be a Sporty section, but I'm just going to roll it into the Life section here. She was, is and hopefully always will be a big part of my life. We hit each other up at least once a day with little life quotes and such. It doesn't sound like much, but I read somewhere that all that little cutesy crap we get from friends is supposed to be their way of saying I was thinking of you without getting all mushy. And so yes, I can confidently say I'm thinking of Sporty everyday. So my life has devolved into school, work, and thinking of her. And I say devolved because there is so much more the world, even when she's in it. I love her, I'm not stupid, geez.

The Job thing
My usual statement when asked, when I get off the elevator when I can bring myself to show up (which incidentally is everyday) is the effervescent "Just another day of joy and laughter, fun and excitement". If feel like I'm subtly parodying the marine Sargent from Aliens, "Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade!." Them that know get the joke...or at least realize the sarcasm. You'd be surprised at how many evidently don't.

I keep reminding myself that I agreed to this, this work stuff, all of this, and so I need to keep doing what I'm doing to get where I need to get. If I can hold it together until next June I'll be fine. I say next June because if all goes according to plan that's when the sprint to Spring graduation 2012 starts

The Political thing
Has anybody seen my President? I elected a black guy from Chicago, which, and yes this is stereotypical, implied certain things. A certain tinge of amoral political is what I was looking for, with a touch of strong arm tactics, not a middle manager with a long term goal. And I need Obama to succeed, for my own personal reasons. My mythical future legal career depends heavily on the magical wise old negro archetype embodied by Morgan Freeman in so many films. I'm getting gray haired and can speak in confusing old riddles if necessary, but if Obama can't pull off a political miracle or two, I might need a new plan.

I think a large part of the problem with any politician is that they're always running for re-election. Nobody stands up and says, you know what, I'm not gonna get re-elected. I think as a congressman or senator, if you could detach yourself from the fund raising and poll watching, and just do the basics...I hesitate to use the phrase "what you know to be right" because as it turns out "right" is a relative concept.... just do the basics, the world would be a lot better.

Well, gotta run. Reading for the last class is calling, because it took so long to write this I'm having to finish up at home.

Barkeep...and yes, there is a bar in my house...set'em up, I need to knock'em down.

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