Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Unofficial National Holiday

Ramblings Post #135
There are several unofficial national holidays. Superbowl quickly comes to mind. It's one of those days we put all our petty grievances aside and curse each other out for the abstract reason that my team a) will beat your team, b) got cheated out being there, c) will be on it next season or d) are the Detroit Lions and so I'm just mad, 'cause I cheer for the Lions. Either way, the end is cause for celebration. And now, so is the beginning.

Football season is upon us again, and the very idea of it brings back the visceral memories of the smell of sweat and grass, the vision of the world through a helmet and sudden realization that in the heat of the moment I really wasn't concerned with possible pain when I hit somebody. Yeah, I played a long long time ago, but I'd have to think about it...no, I specifically wouldn't think about it... but would just go do it again.

It's a day of celebration. The start of football season is an unofficial holiday, and well, okay the Cowboys lost. By a flag. But we got less to work on than a lot of teams, even a couple who won on Sunday. Although I came in dead last in the office pool, there were a lot "upsets", but then that's why they play the games. The saying "on any given Sunday" exists for a reason. One of the factors I think in why pro football is just a little bit better than college. Well, that and my college team basically served as the opening act for the marching band, who by the way are spectacular. So go football.

But it's still a day of celebration, it's Sporty birthday and she turns ....well, let's just say she gets better with age. A lil seasoning if you will. She's not that old, because I swear [officer] I did not realize she was that young when i met her. She could drink legally when I met her! I think. She's a little bruised right now from all her athletic endeavors, but she'll be fine shortly.

I'm kinda sorry I used the US postal service to send her "box o'goodies" this year, regretting the lack of tracking number for my own personal peace of mind. I'm not sure what I was thinking, the UPS store was like another half block! It's like I sent a box of manna via somebody's cousin Pookie 'cause he "headed that way". In that little cardboard container is a mix of something I hope for all sides of her personality.

It's a funny thing, trying to get a person from all sides. When you recognize that someone is complex, you finally start to see them.

Unless they're simple, which a lot of people are.

That's deep.

Ah football. And Sporty.


Two things Holiday worthy, in my humble opinion.

That said I won't really see anymore of it until December. It being football. Studying...remember? School? Yeah, that.

Barkeep...what's brain alcohol? No really, there's got to be a drink to make you smarter....

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