Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sure is crowded in here

Ramblings Post #126
Got a lot to do, and I'm wasting every second I can. I am horrible at time management, a procrastinator extraordinaire. And I could be so much better. I have been so much better, so why couldn't I again? But then, if we got everything done, what would be left to do. What happens when we run out things to do, places to go, people to see? I don't think I'll run out, but I'm not too eager to find out what happens whey you do.

When the idea comes.

I write too much.

Or rather I have too much going on in my head, and I'm not writing enough.

I just realized I have too many writing projects going at once. Other than this blog, I have five novels I'm slowly working through, including one sci-fi trilogy (counts as one really long story), two semi political works of general fiction, a semi mystery story and one plain screwball comedic romp. Okay, I've been working on all of them for quite some time, I might finish one before I'm ninety.

Then there are the short stories which pop in my head at the odd time which just keep hammering at my thoughts until I take the time to put them to paper. Currently there are about a half dozen or so. Then add in re-writes. And when I take the time to put one in print, then another crops up like a weed, doing the same thing. Tapping on my brain.

The poetry just comes when it comes. And when it comes I just write it. The stories about Sporty and I, they're really just extremely creative letters that are some of my fantasies put to paper. And every time I think about them there are more.

There is the video game I want to design, Nights in Sri Carpia, a hybrid of the GTA sandbox style and Far Cry with a running time-line outside of player actions. Ask a gamer, its too difficult to explain here.

The movie - Breakroom - of which the script is 80% done, the TV mini-series - The Evolution of a Dog (HBO or Showtime) outlined. The other movies - Gamer, Return of the Iguana and Lottery Luck (aka Loser) are framed all the way through, I just need to fill in the dialogue. There are at least three to five other projects I haven't worked on for a few years that pop out from time to time. For some of these I just need a meeting with somebody with cash to gamble on a idea man with no actual film making experience. Hey they made 2012, don't laugh.

I should include the semi autobiographical story Atlanta by Martini in the list of novels, but I'm not sure how I want to take the story and make it work. It could either be a novel or black male version of Sex in the City with even more drama and more sex. As if that were possible. Now that I think about it, I might make that a fictionalized blog with story updates. Oh the possibilities.

Then include the rewrites of stuff I've seen that I have the audacity to believe I could do better. This includes music videos, movie scenes and TV shows.

Now, this is all going on at once. In my head. Everyday.

And at the end of all that, or rather on top of all that...I also got law school looming. Which is all reading and brief writing, as well as a specific style of writing I'm going to need to practice. My legal writing is weak at best.

Now with all this happening, you might have guessed, nothing ever gets finished. Well, the little stories to Sporty get finished, but little else. I'll get into one and every time something else will crop up in mind, a new wrinkle I want to expand or an idea for a new story, or an angle. I once got an idea for a story watching a woman walk out of a store. It's not what you think. From watching her hips I imagined an overweight waitress, which grew into a story of a cafe of lunchtime, where three groups end up at lunch - one a couple trying to save a relationship, another a trio of woman where one gets a promotion and drama ensues, and two comedians for comedy relief. Add in the staff stories and the odd visitor... it seems I forgot one. This is Lunchtime, a film I wanted to make like 10 years ago. So add another film. It was reworking this one, which still exists as a separate property, that I jump started the idea for Breakroom.

I'm almost scared to look at old notes for fear another story or idea or movie concept I've forgotten will pop out and suddenly I'll want to re-write and update, and be lost on yet another tangent. Just thinking of all of them has me vaguely remembering two or three more of whom the details are a little fuzzy. Which is bad.

Think about this. As much as used to hang out. And as much time as I waste on the internet and watching TV...I should be done with these. Several times over.

Not gonna dwell. Just gonna keep writing.

Barkeep, something to lubricate the imagination.

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