Thursday, August 19, 2010

And so, we go to war

Ramblings Post #129
Sometimes you get busy. Things you didn't think were going to happen for a while suddenly start. Something you were working on starts to take longer and longer. Things you thought you were done crop back up. There is no perfect moment. I have to keep telling myself that, sometimes all you can do is take a deep breathe, close your eyes, throw up a prayer and hope you're still...well, you're just still.

The first week back in Law School after a long, way way too long summer break is just about over. I've done the three classes I'm taking each week - oddly 10 hours IS part time - and I'm about to head into the first weekend. I'm already looking forward to a long two days in the law library. I have a plan. But later for that.

First up is Family Law, which is crowded! Probably because its on the bar exam, but I think it's more because of the engaging course of law. This class and I got off to a rocky start, not because I didn't read or wasn't prepared, but because the first thing the teacher did upon arrival was wheel in 16 pizzas. I'm on a, I've changed my eating habits...and as such pizza is currently not on my menu. I was so hurt. Other than that, with its 72 hour window for the final, I think I should be okay.

Which begs another tale.

Okay, so Monday, I was offered free pizza.

Tuesday at work - yes, I go to law school and work a full time job - there is the pervasive smell of hot wings. For hours. Turns out management is giving away free hot wings as a reward for something. I am not amused.

Tuesday night, is Evidence. Again, the class is packed. It's the old crew though, the other people in the core evening classes. Since we've all hit second year and entered the elective section, I'll be seeing less and less of them. But this day is the same old faces, including the prof. Other than the class being four hours long, it's also fairly enjoyable. And uniquely, she gives a midterm, so I'm in there.

Tuesday night in evidence class, the prof offers us soft batch chocolate chip cookies. I cave and have some cookies.

Wednesday is my off night, so I catch up on the reading for my Thursday night class, since I just manage to snag the last copy of the book in the bookstore.

Thursday, the job offers free hot wings. Again. You can smell the wings over half the building. This is not funny.

Thursday night is Wills and Trusts, another elective course that just happens to be on the bar. Finally, a professor who doesn't offer us food! Other than that, she's lively, though decidedly non-linear. That and she learns my name the first day, because as apparently everyone knows; I'm a talker. Which is good, because according to her syllabus, you can bump up a half a grade on class participation alone! This is so cash!

Later on I'm fairly certain I'll be complaining about the absurdity of something that happened, or the insanity of something else, or that I'm just not getting another thing. But for now, I'm feeling good. This weekend, library and start on my outlines, make minimum 20 flash cards per class, do reading for next week.

Let's see what happens.

Barkeep, a round on me. For those three chicks in the corner, no not everyone!

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