Friday, April 23, 2010

That's that then

Ramblings Post #97
Sometime in 2008, I honestly believed that God had, as close to as metaphorically possible, punched me in the mouth by causing an occurrence the odds of which were astronomical against to actually take place. It was a sign that I'd squandered a opportunity. I have a reason to believe, God is now holding my feet to the fire again.

I looked on Facebook earlier, and judging by the chatter the studying starts in earnest tomorrow for my peers. I thought well, I too could take one more night then dive in. Watch a little TV, let the mind settle, start on creating my Flash Cards and gather everything together. Maybe a spot of laundry. Nothing intense.

But I came home to my "new" yard guy finishing up the yard. Which was odd, because he was supposed to cut it on Saturday when I was home. No big, he said I could pay him tomorrow and disappeared. I walked in the house, got my comfy clothes on, turned on the TV and ....

... so it seems intense starts tonight.

Dude cut the cable.

To get a signal at my house, Direct TV had to put the dish in the yard and ran the cable that carried the signal all the way across the lawn around the house. My old lawn guy had cut the yard and never even nicked it. This guy didn't just cut it, he cut it into three distinct pieces. One of which he nicked again!

Then I called Direct TV, whom I tout every freaking chance I get, and damned if they can't arrive until Tuesday, unless somebody cancels. I might have to take back my free advertising! So I'm home, with my books, and I'm off till Thursday to get my mind right for finals. And no TV.

As such, now I have no excuses. My film collection is sorely lacking. My video game collection is woeful, and would take up way too much time anyway. So, it's studying, eating and the internet. Technically, this is distractions, other than the internet (which can get boring), and just studying all weekend.

Barkeep...just tell me this is good.

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