Thursday, April 22, 2010

And with that, it's on....

Ramblings Post #96
And now we come to end of another chapter. Will our hero find his bearings in time? Will the runaway freight train of destiny be corralled by the hands of confidence? Will his love finally wake up and smell what the Rock is cooking? Did I leave the lights on? I wonder if they have it in black? All that and more will be explained...someday. Maybe.

We're here again. Finals. That time of year where the constant refrain "why did I decide to do this again?" comes every time you open a fresh law book to begin studying on your next subject. Finished my last class tonight, Constitutional Law, and the writing part of my first final, Civil Procedure, is due on Friday at noon. Then the test part of it is next Thursday.

My plan is simple: Study like its the end of the world and somewhere in the text is my salvation.

I have this writing assignment, two in-class finals and then one take home eight hour masterpiece.

The writing assignment I did the bulk of last weekend. Wrap up and polish tonight and tomorrow. Turn in tomorrow night.

Study all weekend, off work all week and final on Thursday.

Repeat the next week, off work all week and final on Wednesday.

Repeat the next week, off work until I download and take the final on Wednesday, twenty four hours before the deadline.

Then sweat out grades for a month.

Oh yeah, this promises to be fun.

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