Monday, April 5, 2010

Muddle on, muddle on

Ramblings Post #93
It is what it is and it is what its gonna be. Sometimes life deals you the cards you've been waiting on, and it all falls together perfectly. Most times however, life deals you a mess, but you've got to play anyway. So learn to play like you've got a pair. At least a pair, because high card is straight BS.

So this weekend I had my last spring hurrah before finals, which really wasn't, saw a little family and woke up to find the NFC east had been mucked up beyond all recognition.

Saturday, after three hours of sleep on Friday, I awoke and muddled through a morning and afternoon of reading. I don't think anything stuck. I was a surprisingly unproductive day considering I did so much, but I would read, then read, then throw in some laundry, then read, then take out the garbage, and read...and I don't remember any of it. My prof who used to post the PowerPoint for class on Friday has moved it to Monday, so even that typing which gets me in the right frame of mind I wasn't able to do.

And I spent most of the weekend looking for the affidavit to get me out of jury duty...because the day I'm assigned is the day of one of my finals. Two weeks later and I would have just had to spend the day relaxing at the court house hoping I didn't get picked.

But Saturday night, I head over to the Estate for the Final Four - Jones/Hopkins party. I'm bar tending, which is usually a pretty sweet gig. But because one of the "new" hosts had decided to let some chick he was trying to holler at open a second bar, it was different and I didn't really need the hassle. Now, just so we're clear : I don't bar tend at these little private functions for the money. It's a nice bonus, but it ain't why I does it. I do it because it's a great way to meet people, and I love meeting folks.

So that wasn't cool.

And my understanding , because they didn't get the fight for the party in the end, that Roy Jones needs to offer refunds for his showing.

Sunday I spent reading more that I don't remember, and reviewing more that just now escapes me. I should have washed the dishes, cleaned up, reupholstered the couch, something, but reading was a waste of time...

At some point, I found out the Eagles had traded Donvan McNabb to the Redskins, which is troubling, but why I don't know.

Had dinner with my brother, who's online career is starting to grow a little bit. He's writing for a few sites with name recognition now, and might actually be able to make a career out this. It's a cobble together situation right now, but I'll give him credit, he is working it.

Additionally, from my defacto niece, who is 18 and a college freshman, I found out I'm not that far from still being cool, as I did know Waka Flocka Flame is a person, and not a new drink. My brother joking referred to to Waka Mocha Maraschino a couple times. Why I know he is would be a whole different story.

Tonight is study night for real. I got no choice. The power points are up, I gotta have salad for dinner...Zaxby's house salad is nice...and at some point I need to check on Sporty.

And I am, as my father used to say before his current, well, live action "meme"...I can't complain. Because ain't nobody listening anyway.

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