Friday, April 2, 2010

That damn Batman...

This is a political post.

Obama is dangerous.

I lamented several months ago that Obama, embattled and looking shaky needed to let the Chicago out. Throw some elbows, flex a little muscle, you know. You don't learn politics in Chicago without getting dirty...excuse me, filthy. And I, like many was confused by the man's cool demeanor in the face of fierce opposition from his critics. And unlike many, I've just realized that Barack Obama is really Bruce Wayne, because he just pulled some serious Batman shit.

For those who don't read comic books, in a hand to hand fight, Batman can beat Superman.

You see, although he's a mere mortal and Superman is the man of steel, Batman has always has a plan. You don't know it, you can't see it and when it pops up you're like "damn, I should have thought of that." It's usually some old "backdoor, underhanded, hatched back when nobody else even realized there was a problem and has been slow building for forever" plan that ...mixing hero metaphors for no reason ...makes the A-Team look like amateur hour.

Obama just okayed the offshore drilling the Republicans swore would fix our energy problems.

Why would he do that? Because he knows it pretty much means nothing, but it takes the weapon out of his opponents hands. Nothing you say? It's not like they can start drilling tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. The surveys alone to figure out where to drill will take three to five years. Getting the equipment together another two or three. IF the price of oil is high enough to warrant it the capital outlay to actually drill. All this has to be factored in. It is all in all, just this side of an empty gesture.

And it just took away a major Republican rallying point that the President wasn't serious about America's energy policy.

He's passed health care which the Republicans couldn't repeal even if they wanted to (and they do) and now he's kicking in the opposition party's doors and starting undermine their rallying points.

Batman like a mofo...

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