Saturday, February 13, 2010

A long, sad Saturday

Ramblings Post #85
Life is...
There really isn't a cute phrase I'd like to attach to that, or something ironic, or anything at all. Life just is. It is what we make it. It's not delivered to us, or gift wrapped, but it's we make of it in those moments we get the opportunity to steer. And honestly those don't happen too often.

The Harrisons.

One day, you find someone who loves you back. Not just loves you, because people say they love you all the time the time and don't really mean it, but loves you like you, think is the wrong word, dream, yeah....loves you like you dream of being loved. And so you and they come to together in holy matrimony, and plan you life your life together. You and this person, because that's how true love works, become not only lovers but best friends. It is the kind of love that movies are afraid to tell us about because it's hard to get people hopeful for something most of us will never see. But it's yours, every hour, every day, in your heart and soul.

And then one day, because it's...say, because it's Wednesday, you never get to speak to or hear from this person again.

My friend buried her husband today.

I don't usually go to funerals. I find most of them too long and too painful. Usually the words spoken by the preacher don't begin to soothe the depth of hurt by those who did care, and just seem to go on forever to those who don't care as much. The young widow had to leave the ceremony once and passed out at the end. She'd just lost...well, in my opinion...everything. So she could do that. She's supposed to.

I especially don't go to the interment. That's the part where they put the body in the ground. It just feels wrong to me. It's just so final, my mind doesn't like to even deal with it. I don't deal with Death very well.

My friend had been married for almost five years, and our paths would still cross every so often. She invited me over for brunch once or twice, but even before law school I was too busy or just knew there would be a time later so I shrugged it off. And my I'm certain, because to most of us, we always have tomorrow...even though it isn't promised. We don't think in those terms. We'll see them next week, or next time, or later.

And then suddenly there isn't a later. Or a next time.

One day, you find someone who actually, really and truly loves you back. Don't waste it with fights over pride and nothing. Because you don't know how long you'll have. It might just be over one day...because its Wednesday.

Barkeep. A round for the house. On me.

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brownsugatou said...

This lesson has reared its ugly head twice in the last two weeks in my life....luckily I had another opportunity to enjoy one out of the two tomorrows. Great post!