Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just another Rainy night in Georgia...

Ramblings Post #83
There is an old phrase: "the spice of life". It is that feeling that makes you get out of bed in the morning and keeps you going when life throws a knockout punch. For some its the fulfillment of a dream, for others it is the love of family, but there is something that makes you do more than just get by in a world choked with random obstacles.

One of my old college Running Partners is exhorting me to slide down to Miami because he can get us into the game (maybe) but I'm here and will spend Saturday at the library deep in the books. Not at my house for I would get woefully too distracted. And hopefully get my new computer upgraded.

My new computer? I had no choice but to buy a new system after AT & T did me dirty last weekend. I turned on my computer Sunday, and as I'm booting up I get an odd message. It tells me that my Security Suite - managed by AT & T, hasn't updated in the past 30 days or so and something else technical. So I check my settings and everything is off. No firewall, no virus protection, no nothing...

Have you been on the internet lately? Without the basic protections, my machine was bombarded with every Trojan, widget, phish...

Let me put it to you this way, an hour later my machine had problems opening files on my desktop. I unhooked the DSL and went through the Task Manager and know what? This is too much like work. Apparently the good folks at AT & T finally turned off the online deal I had found buried in their website (DSL for like $10 a month with the Security Suite. Yes, really, had it for 4 years) Luckily for me, I had ordered a brand new machine that Saturday, custom built. It's cheaper to get a custom job than you think. Actually, I ordered it Saturday afternoon and the lady asked if I wanted to pick it up later that same 2 hours later.

Cheap, custom PC in 2 hours? I should have, because Sunday I couldn't get to my professor's online notes as the viruses had my machine running in slow motion. I ended up making it up by typing for two hours on a weeknight. (I recopy the notes to ensure I actually read them one time at least - new study technique). Brutal without breaks.

I've just decided to upgrade the video card because some of my old programs I'm reloading are being stubborn. The PC shop was ├╝ber fast before, which I hope means I can drop it off Saturday morning and pick it back up Saturday afternoon. We're not even going to discuss my music.

Other than that, my weekend should be nice quiet and scholarly. I'll be ...locked in a cage match with my cases to read for the next week (looking back, I apparently like the term "locked in a cage match". Go figure, I grew up National Wrestling Alliance) because I'm motivated to apply myself because I don't have anything else going on. Sporty is in town for a couple of job interviews, but I'm trying to keep my excitement down because dreams aren't promised. Well, hers are promised, I mean mine. Just because she'll be here doesn't mean I'll get what I want. And I think I've made it fairly clearly what I want. We might hook up to catch up, but I'm not going to press her.

With luck I can find a nice quiet(ish) Superbowl party somewhere and watch some nice commercials... the game holds little interest for me...and then toddle home like a good little student.

Life without color, without flavor.... life as mush.

Barkeep...Something with fiber.

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