Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Moguls Move on

Ramblings Post #86
The more things change...well, the more they change. One of the few constants in the world is that things always change. No matter how much we enjoy the now, it won't be around for long. People get old, change desks, actually start working instead of sitting around talking about how much they drank the night before. Or at least they change desks so I don't have to listen to it anymore. Whatever...

There was a time, not oh so very long ago, when the Moguls surrounded me, and the world was a cacophony of noise and excitement. Distractions abounded and one would wonder if any actual work was being done as the conversations of the day reigned. Well, if any work was being done by them, I'm generally busting my ass.

Then, they moved Chatty Mogul and with him went his stories of dogs, recliner bikes, and fantasy diet plans that would turn him into an Adonis. Well, maybe not an Adonis, but less...fluffy. Swollen. Rotund, yes, that's it, a diet to make him less rotund.

And yesterday, they moved Daddy Mogul, and so his tales of minor investing and plans to be doing something else will now be moving on to the next fresh set of ears. And with Daddy Mogul goes Naive Mogul, whose incredibly fortunate existence will continue to the squandered by a man who doesn't realize the value of anything.What I mean by Naive goes with Daddy is that the daily visits by Naive Mogul to his buddy's desk - formerly right next to mine - for sometimes hour long diatribes and fantasy sessions are moving to a new location.

You know, I think Naive Mogul is the first example of failing upward that I've actually met in person.

I'm certain there will be more tales of them and from them, but as they move to cosier confines, there is a new air of peace surrounding my workspace here at the "chicken plucking factory." And no, I don't miss them already.

Wait, is that Snakeman Sr talking about his home brewery? Please don't let it be so.

Barkeep...something nice and quiet to mark the occasion.

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