Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Points in the Dark

Ramblings Post #55
It is a long strange trip into the unknown that each of us embarks upon as we wake each morning. We make great effort to minimize that as we go through life, getting and adorning our home, maintain the same employment, excluding certain things from our diet, limiting our travel to our home city except for special occasions. And then we change. And we decide what we hath wrought isn't sufficient, and we change. That's where I am. In the midst of change.

It's been three weeks since I started this semester of law school, but it feels like only two. That's because of two of the classes, I've only actually had two sessions. Only in the last one have we actually had, or rather after tomorrow will have had, three classes.

I'm taking the standard three card monte the school induces upon you for the finish of your first year in the part time program: Tort law, Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure.

Tort is quickly becoming exasperating. Our teacher is a talker, which kinda puts me in the hole because in class I become a talker. I'm the person not afraid to be wrong in their comment and am more than willing to speak up during class on various issues. But after the first class, where I thought it was an aberration, I find her theatrical bent less a warm up shtick and more how she's gonna do this whole thing. And she likes to float her questions around the room picking on targets ( I had my hand up like five times!) this class is one in which I better learn how to be okay with just taking notes!

Constitutional Law is on the other hand kinda engaging. Our professor is more than willing to let me and my row buddy 'Drew talk our freaking heads off. 'Drew is a character in and of himself, that unbelievably smart little guy who is able to quote cases from memory (he brings neither book nor paper to class) and connects the dots in legal theory on the fly with frightening ability. I just like to be heard. Yeah, I guess I'm kinda of an egotist.

Civil Procedure is tricky. The prof is both engaging as well as boring. He's my Property professor minus the Hawaiian shirts and adding a Southern twang. And he knows his stuff. I'm still finding my footing there, but I'm fairly certain once I do I'll want to show-off the meager bit of legal knowledge I'll acquire straight away.

I figured out this week as you need 90 hours to be a graduate the program and we average about 9 hours a semester, it's a 10 semester deal. This is my fourth semester, so I'm about halfway through. I figure though since it's part time and all the classes I'll need won't be offered quite when I need them, a couple of extra semesters isn't out of the question.

Provided I make it that far. We'll see.

Barkeep. A nice Riesling and some crackers..

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