Friday, September 25, 2009

News from the Desert

Ramblings Post #61
Sometimes we make decisions based upon a careful thought out and well reasoned set of facts, sometimes we make spur of the moment calls, and other times we make the best of a bad situation. I'm not sure which one law school is, but I do know that it has been both good and bad on more levels than should be reasonable. And thus, we soldier on.

They haven't kicked me out yet!

Some aspects of my law classes are finally starting to come together. In reading for the last few classes the cases no longer appear to be some sort of secret law club hieroglyphics and are turning into actual discernible and understandable words. I even formed learned opinions about the past few constitutional issues, so much so that I was giving more commentary than answer in class.


Picture from Photobucket...and that's all I know.

Of course when my RP was in law school, he said it was right before the end of the first semester when the light clicked on for him. Granted he was going full time, so he isn't as distracted as I am by the rigors and manufactured hysteria of my workplace. Sliding into the work mind space, sometimes I think our people believe we're overnighting water to people on fire. Which for the record, probably isn't the most efficient way to do that. But everyone seems to think we work in seconds, not the usual hours that anything actually takes. Or what any activity usually entails. If one more sales person says the client is hysterical, and when you get them on the phone they're actually quite pleasant.

You just don't know.

School seems at once easier AND harder at the same time. I did find out some of my study habits were perhaps flawed - I would read the case before the case supplemental, when I should have been reading the supplemental before the case (that way I know what I'm looking at) - and that some my exam prep exercises were severely lacking. I need to order the books with the example tests next week. But then the tips did come from a full time student, who has vastly more time than I to get some of that done. I'm still thinking about switching the full time if I'm still in the program next summer. Yeah, its still like that.

Life's funny. And then it's not.

Barkeep. Some of the Maker's Mark and a touch of Sprite.

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