Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Office Moguls Change their plans

Ramblings Post #43
For those that work, and everyday there seem to be less and less of those, there is usually that person in the office that you can't really figure out why they are still...or ever got to be...employed there. They don't seem to do a lot, or are really abrasive, or just are generally unpleasant to be around for what could be a variety of reasons. I've termed one such group the "Office Moguls". Read on..

The office moguls have finally figured out they're not going to get rich in the stock market.

And finally, after twelve house inspections, pissing off five or six real estate agents (which is pretty hard to do in a down market), one of the office moguls finally closed on a house. You have no idea how happy the people who sit near him were to finally be given the date in which the endless calls to the realtor, the seller, to the attorney, to the various inspectors and any one else he could bug on company time would finally end. There was a hiccup when although the closing was Monday afternoon, he was ready to walk away from the deal because they didn't want to send him all the paperwork five days in advance (he's not a lawyer) or give him the final figure three days in advance. His repeated protestations that he could "always just go buy a house for cash in Acworth" still resound through the halls.

Repeated explanations that these processes were normal (y'know, where the professionals you were paying actually got a chance to do their job) did not satisfy him.

But then on Monday, that faithful Monday, he dutifully went down and in what he considered a "hostile" purchase because nobody wanted to sit down and explain every single line to him on every single page, he signed.

We nearly had a keg party.

So the Home Buying Saga is over. Its been replaced by the Renovation Tales. First the carpet in the basement had mold, and he decided to steam clean it instead of replacing it. Then he decided to do his own fridge ice maker install and a pipe burst so the carpet got soaked anyway, and then the deck fixing up and so on and so on. It is an exquisite form of torture I guess. And I really really wish it would stop.

This situation in my office reminds of a old comedy skit on what I think it was MADtv, where a spaceship lifts off from the moon and the captain asks for the first mate only to find he's inadvertantly left the first mate on the moon. He radio's the moon and the first mate radios back with a measured, "First, I would like to apologize for anything I may have said or done to make you mad." The captain springs into action and calls for the Head Engineer to see if they can figure out a way to go back for a rescue...to which the the Head Engineer, also left on the moon, says slowly, "First, my captain, I too would like to apologize for anything I also, may have said or done..." I thought it was hilarious.

And with that in mind : At this time, karma, I would like to apologize for anything I may have said or done to offend you and beg your forgiveness.

For the time being the other office moguls seem to have curtailed their "investing" and the like as well. I found out one of them actually whined to his father to give him money to invest because the rest of his group, the other moguls, were doing something he wasn't. It put a new spin on the concept of I made a few hundred dollars they used to crow about. Some days I wonder.

I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.

In other pressing personal news, finals for the summer classes are this week and I'm stressing. Now, I did really well in the actual classroom, participating and understanding the theory, but this one test concept...one shot to show and prove, really has me stressed out. I didn't do great on this system in the past two semesters and I'm a little concerned now if I can actually do this, meaning become a lawyer. Splitting my time between a fairly demanding and emergency driven job and a detail oriented school is hard, and as Sporty put it, exactly how good did i expect to do when my brain is maxed out?

In less pressing, but still apparently relevant news...was Micheal Jackson this big? They shut down the streets in LA during rush hour to move the body, every channel carried his memorial...including I think ESPN and Al-Jazerra, and most of friends on facebook spent the bulk of the afternoon commenting and commemorating his life as they watched. Educated, degreed, and for the most part employed people. Sporty sent me a text on it. I think I missed something. I mean, I liked his music, a few are classics...but um, I'm just not feeling it. I feel bad and pray for the Jackson family, and his kids (losing the only father they've ever known has got to be rough), but um....nope. Went right past me. Sorry.

People in line for Micheal Jackson Memorial.
Photo from NY Times.

And so toils on life.

So, seriously, we're not getting a company paid hour to mourn Micheal Jackson? I sir, am appalled. Okay, not really.

Barkeep, I need a vanilla milkshake to soothe my nerves.

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