Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Actual Musings

Ramblings Post #46
Sometimes, you just got stuff to say, but not enough stuff to constitute what you think is enough for a single post. So instead of letting it slide or putting together a "best of" compilation...assuming I had a best, and there was more to compile, and that this was repeats and not just stuff in my head.. you slap together something and let it fly. Well, I'm too good for that. Maybe. It's early. In any case, these are what I guess the title of the blog really is...Musings from the Dark End of the Bar.

I think I need some B-12 or a ginseng or something. The last few days I have been tired. I was asleep last night by 9pm, and over course I woke up at 1am and was up until whenever. This morning I could feel myself getting tired as I drove to work, my eye lids drooping slightly. Which is extra dangerous on 285, a kind of perverse cartoon hybrid of a roadway that lies like the greens at Augusta, simple when you look at them, ridiculously hard to play. I perked up when I saw the seven police cars at the interchange trying to get to the car that was comfortably nestled amongst a stand of trees that stood there. That would be no way to start a morning. I got enough problems without adding random fate to it. Is my body clock off?

Yesterday Sporty sent me a picture, which is kind of a big deal. Although she is a cutie, and I tell her so frequently, she hates pictures of herself. But then I don't like pictures of me either, all of the ones taken are horrible. I mean, the damn things look just like me! So for Sporty to take a photo and send it is akin to winning the lottery. The sun where she is has her skin a deep nut brown and has turned her formerly brown/chestnut hair into a ash blond. That or Ms. Clairol. She looks like a little chocolate superhero. I need to stop.

The moguls are ...well, moguling. Chatty Mogul is getting a dog. Wait, he's taken a 30 day option on a dog, and has been regaling everyone who'll stop for more than 5 seconds passing his desk about dog management, dog theory and other things possibly dog related. That and carpet cleaning. Naive Mogul is back after his latest weekend incident, it's always something new, which I refuse to go into. Let's just say even the other managers were upset at the sweet treatment he's getting. I'm not even sure Daddy Mogul is here.

I'm in the vast gulf of 30 days between the end of summer classes and the start of the fall session and I'm so out of practice. Thomas, my former walking buddy and finisher of the 60 day fast, asked me what I was doing Friday and I honestly did not know. I had no class to study for, no brief to write... I was at a loss. He's grilling out this weekend, so I might stop by. I hollered at Schmoopy, who says we'll get together for grub at some point, and of course my RP scheduled the party this weekend with my being out of school in mind. I haven't been to a party in months, so I'm looking forward to it. But then there is family, who I need to drive down to Carolina and see, the yard work I promised myself I was going to this summer, and the books I bought but didn't have time to read, and the million and one other things I'm going to try to have to cram into three weeks.

I say three weeks, because I will be reading ahead this semester. Believe that. I got to have it.

So much to do, so little time.

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