Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad Concepts

Ramblings Post #47
For many years I didn't have a cell phone. I was one of small group of individuals (I think the other six folks in Atlanta are still holding out) who felt that if you needed me, you could reach me at home. When I had no phone, plans didn't change enroute, things didn't get canceled at the last minute, and people would complain when their phone would ring and it would be for me. Then I got a cell phone. And I stopped remembering phone numbers. And plans could change. I could text. I was mobile. That little box links me to the world. Oh mighty cell phone.....

If there is ever a question about whether something is a bad concept or not, then it probably is.

Case in point, my RP and the rest of the wild and crazy gang decided we needed to have a pool party this last weekend. And that was a Bad Concept. Why was that a Bad Concept you ask? Why would getting together friends and other various hangers on, raising a cup or two in celebration while enjoying a few noshes and gallivanting about in fun and frolic a Bad Concept? Why it sounds positively great you say. So why, oh why is it a Bad Concept?

Because we did it on a Sunday.

Apparently for a lot of people in Atlanta, going to work on Monday mornings is strictly optional. Or there are a lot more unemployed folks hanging out than we realized. I say this because we hoped the crowd would slowly drop off the later the evening got, due to people having things like, say, responsibilities. Be home and dry by ten, eleven at the latest. Instead it seemed to pick up and we literally had to close up shop at eleven pm and even then the stragglers still kept hovering over the bar.

Okay, I did see a few folks that I hadn't seen in a minute and it was great to get out for the first time in months, but even when I was younger, you got a day to "recover" from the madness. You would have danced up a storm, stayed up too late and the next day you were able to sleep in and have a hearty brunch. I can't remember all the times I woke up late and hooked back up with the folks I'd hung out with just the night before over some grub to recount our antics. Instead this time I got up and had to go to work. My back hurts, I'm tired and if I could just get up and go home, I would.

Sunday parties are not a good idea. AND I lost my cell phone.

Barkeep. Water. Dry.

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40 something and fab said...

Good post.. brings back so much memories... I remember being in my twenties and part of my thirties and was able to party from Wednesday back up till Sunday and still got up everyday to go to work without a problem .. Its seems like the older we get the body is not able to keep up... ahhh what good memories those were the good old days..... sorry to hear about your phone... I hope you had insurance....