Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alright, Enough Already...can we let this go?

Internet Fodder Post #4
This will actually cover more than just the internet, because this time more than just the internet is responsible for this lunacy. I wish we were better than this, that in some way we as the citizens of the world could recognize when things get out of hand, when things go too far. And at that moment, we stop, take a deep collective cleansing breath, and back away from the lunacy. We haven't reached that point yet.

Okay, I realize that Micheal Jackson was an Icon, beloved by millions around the world, musical genius and all that, but this is getting silly. Why is it still in around the clock coverage on a major news networks, no, let me strike that because I have no idea what's on Fox News, but why is CNN covering it like lives hang in the balance?

Mike's kids will not starve. This I promise you.
Mike's money is gone. And it ain't coming back.
Mike's family had some secrets. But then, we all knew big whup.

The new major offensive in Afghanistan? Relegated to the crawl along the bottom of the screen. Larry King will be live from the Neverland Ranch at some point! Maybe I miss heard them, but I swear it was breaking news that they...were moving his body? Um...other than the family, do the rest of us really need to know that, and why is it news?

CNN needs to do better. I live maybe fifteen minutes from CNN center, and I'm tempted to go down there and throw a brick at a programmer. There was a coup in Honduras! Amjabaa-bitty-boop boop or whatever threatened us again. They're still killing folks in Iran for talking back. Our own government passed climate legislation and CNN has a nurse who says Mike couldn't sleep. They will hiring at CNN soon, because there will be some firings shortly. Or at least there needs to be.

And lo, I wish it was just CNN. The number of Micheal Jackson stories I have read this week:Mike was fine, Mike loved his kids, Mike was broke, Mike was sick, Mike couldn't speak, Mike got duped into the comeback concerts, Mike knew what he was doing, Mike was a pawn, Mike had a gay lover whose got pictures to prove it, Mike's accuser lied, Mike was frail, Mike was practicing for this show, Mike has a million songs stashed away, Mike was on meds, Mike thought he was going to die, etc and so on from Newsweek, The Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, and every other junior bootleg site is ....well, seriously..has anything else happened?

For the sake of the family, who actually lost a brother/son/father...can we all just let this go? Please?

Let the Jackson's mourn in peace.

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