Monday, June 15, 2009

If one more thing goes left...

Ramblings Post #37
Sometimes you get frustrated. And you can sit back, assess the situation, figure out what you need to do and then execute. Or you can pick up a trash can and broken bottle and go to war. And if you're educated enough, cultured enough and see the whole picture...sometimes that trash can can feel oh so light.

I'm that far from done.

Like I need one more thing to go wrong, one more concept to not be valid, one more way of thinking to proved a fallacy within minutes of a conclusion rather than the beginning....

Classes wrapping up in two or three weeks. My ill timed and not exactly welcomed birthday around the corner with all the attached and appropriate mental psychosis and social significance that brings, the weight thing, the job thing, and now something I thought I could bump back...well it turns out maybe I can' add one more time, consuming, multi-part - "hey, make a life decision" moments suddenly pops up and I'm like ....

...for real? Again? So soon? Damn.

Looking back, and really thinking about it, you would be astounded by how many life altering decisions you've made that going into them at the time, didn't look all that significant. This little bit of law school I've managed to stumble through has subtly moved some of the foreseeability brain cells into the working category, and so as of late, I've become a little more astute as to the possibility of future issue with what formerly were simple decisions. I'm not talking about the black boxer briefs vs the striped, either. Little concepts like being on time, taking five minutes to review something, checking the gas gauge when you get in the car - little things like that have huge impacts on ...the rest of your life.

And in the cases as of late, the timing hasn't been a big help either. Three weeks, nothing...then bang, everything wants to happen the same five days? Why is God toying with me? I'd like to speak to someone in accounts at the Bank of Karma, I swear there is an error somewhere.

All I need now is some stupidity to happen.

Because the room probably could use a laugh right about now. I know I could.

Barkeep. Water and puce angellaious.

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