Thursday, June 18, 2009

Atlanta 2009

Ramblings Post #39
I once left a message on Spanky's phone that consisted of me running out the allotted time (and it must have been five or eight minutes) with me simply repeating the word "Chicken" over and over, with different pronunciations for variety. I think I might have been mildly deranged. This memory has just about nothing to do with the post that follows, but I thought it needed to be said.

I miss Atlanta

Which is an odd statement for me to make, considering I live in Atlanta. And I don't mean I live in one of the many far flung suburbs of the jewel of the south, so far away that technically you only visit Atlanta every so often, but still can claim it. No, I live inside of I-285, or as we say "inside the perimeter". I can be at the back of GA tech, midtown Atlanta, in less than 10 minutes if I get the lights.

Like most places I have ever lived, it's one of those towns where exciting things are happening if you know where to go. There are festivals, concerts, they show movies in the park at night, there are a thousand little bistros and boutiques, there are classes you can take and plays to see, plucky little live bands, performance pieces and and art enclaves and cafes and it's just a vibrant city that just feels alive. And for the past eleven months I haven't seen any of it, my days consumed with work, my evenings with school and my weekends with studying. And by going part-time, I have agreed to do this for the next three or more years, nearly eleven months out of the year. Which sucks.

And since the many varied reasons I agreed to attend law school: I needed a mental challenge, all my friends are lawyers, I'm tired of my job, etc and so on, don't really add up to a love for all things legal, that last kick of what made me finally bite the bullet looms large.

I went to law school partly to help me forget Sporty.

Which sounds trite, until you consider how many other things in my life (and probably in yours too) that you initally started for the weakest of reasons ( I was bored, it was Tuesday, I had a ton of peanut butter and goat cheese, etc) but later came to love and to eventually master. Looking at my classmates, I begin to believe I made one mistake however, as I was already behind the curve in so many other aspects of a complete life: only just bought the house, single and apparently staying that way, no kids, no real investment portfolio. etc. And when I consider the time and energy that will be needed at the end of the "educational aspect" trying to get established....

...let's just say unless fate and an accident happens, my mother shouldn't look forward to grand kids anytime soon.

I think a lot this comes from that upcoming birth milestone which I when I was twenty five seemed like a million years away, but no I talk to women in my age group who have kids in college, and my mind kind of twitches. Let's just say I'm not where I intended to be, geographically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally....fill in any more -ally's you can think of. And the focus I'm going to have to give law school is going to cripple everything else for while.

Which puts getting up to the curve of where my life is supposed to be that much further off of the makeup schedule. At least before, when I was behind the curve, I was having so much fun I didn't really notice.


Barkeep, i need to sip from the fount of wisdom, and sup from the well of peace. No? Do you have whiskey then?

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Leslie Javier said...

Atlanta is really progressing. Its very far from the past.
It's one of the fast growing place in US
I missed the place too.
I miss the museums there....