Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why does Rush Limbaugh Hate America?

This is a political post
I'm going to start winding these down, or at least spacing these out, or start writing these cross eyed or something, because they are starting to take over my little corner of the web. Okay, I'll try to at least make them funnier. If they can be made funnier. Or something. I dunno.

Without equivocation, Rush Limbaugh hopes that Barack Obama's plan fails. His exact words were "I hope he fails" in regards to Mr. Obama's economic plan. I understand Mr. Limbaugh's need to cling to the principles of a conservative mindset, and his right as a citizen to do so, but the concept that he has not been denounced roundly...that no one has asked the question "why does Rush Limbaugh hate America" speaks volumes about the changes we've gone through in the last 120 days.

The old rhetoric no longer works, or can be applied. Thank God.

Mr. Limbaugh's real argument, or rather his professed argument, is that Obama's plan for rebuilding the economy with do too much harm to private business, that the plan engages too much oversight and places the government in charge. The rotund conservative pundit would rather unfettered business be allowed to operate.

Apparently Mr. Limbaugh doesn't quite understand what happened here. Or the depth of the problem.

Unfettered and unregulated industry has proven time and time again that we are not "gentlemen" or good "stewards" of finance. We have been and still in large part are greedy, egotistical, short sighted pigs who have little to no regard for anyone else or the future. Going back as far as Richard Whitney, in the 1930s, former head of the NYSE who was incarcerated for embezzlement, to modern day Enron, whose leaders built a culture that literally ate itself as rapacious traders already wealthy scratched for every nickel more of profit while driving customer costs up, up to the fraudulent Ponzi-esque investment schemes of the Madoffs ($50 billion) and Nadels ($350 million)of today, our system without oversight or strict monitored rules by which to play has a tendency to create or allow the creation of disaster. Sorry folks, I calls'em like I sees'em.

It was the lack of oversight by disinterested parties that allowed people with two foreclosures in the same year to be able to finance a third house, interest only, that let them walk away with a house and twenty thousand cash. It was the lack of oversight, or worse yet, the REMOVAL of oversight, that first...allowed multi-billion dollar firms to built on assumptions and let them suck in millions of real dollars that got us into this mess. We unfortunately need controls, need rules, need enforcement of those same rules, and an end to the conservative cronyism style of business that continues now, even in the clean up, as the middle class bails out the "captains of industry". I mean they did so well with our money before, let's give them more! No, Obama's call is really for accountability, and that's what has Rush riled up.

For the past eight years, accountability has been un-American.

No, I do not believe the esteemed gentleman from Florida has a good grasp on the situation. I don't think he understands the gravity of the situation. That failure means in large part, the end of great deal of the way of life as we know it.

One that will doubtless affect him as well. Even in his little enclave of conservative values.

Gee. I just realized. Doesn't Rush sound an awfully lot like a another little ranter living somewhere in the hills of Pakistan?

I'm just saying.

Barkeep, can I get a vanilla shake? I am dying for a vanilla shake.


daisysmom said...

Doesn't he realize that if the new economic policy fails we all fail? But more importantly, YOU listen to Rush Limbaugh??

M. said...

I watch CNN, which reported it. I do NOT listen to Mr. Limbaugh or his rantings. But unfortunately, a lot of other people do, so I just felt the need to address this.

I'm surprised to see he's still on the air somewhere.