Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year - Same Stuff

Mental Rehab Post #46
At this time of year we tend to look forward to better tomorrows, usually to find that by mid-February that the days look just like the ones from last year, and that health club membership doesn't work because they don't have the ice cream and that exercise machine is misnamed because you still have to the exercise yourself. But this year I'm not worried. Because I won't have time.

The first grub of 2009

I eschewed my traditional first meal at the Waffle House - a long standing tradition going back 20 years - and instead, er...stayed home. It was freaking Wednesday night! Seriously I was not feeling it. I had tickets to the thing at Utopia, could have gotten in at the Fox, knew of at least two house parties but instead just turned on the lap top and a got at it.

It being Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC. I've been playing for the past three weeks since school started and will have to stop when school starts, barring the occasionally need to vent frustration. I had heard horrible stories about the PC port - but mine runs great. I figured out that the folks complaining are the most part mad that that can't dial up the detail to "awe-inspiring" and have to settle for plain ole "incredible".

Now around 10pm New Year's Eve, Spanky calls up and asks me to bake biscuits for breakfast. She and a friend who is a model are going to hang out but will stop by after for eats and on the phone they plead with me to cook. I reluctantly agree and thus ring in the New Year on the stove. I know exactly how fast a New Year's party can break up once the clock is hit, so I go through my shelves and put out a pretty nice spread - Fried some fish, grits, hash browns, sausage, bacon, egg, the biscuits and I am getting into it. Man I love cooking.

But one comes and no phone call saying they're on the way. Then two comes. And three. Here is where I get pissed.

Spanky shows the next AFTERNOON hungry. Alone so I don't even get to meet the model friend.

Spanky is on my less than happy list.

I spend most of Thursday and Friday playing GTA. Per the game I'm now at Fiend addiction level. The game don't know me. I'm geeking out something fierce.

Saturday is the Pajama party. The less said about that the better. The phrase I'm going to use is the ratio was wrong for conducive good times. The reality is that it was becoming a "hard leg" convention. They're were a couple of stunners, dont' get me wrong - but PJs tend to not have pockets and if you've ever been separated from your keys for a long period of time.

And that was it for the break.

The second semester starts Jan 5th, and that good feeling I had when I walked out the finals will evaporate into a haze of I could have sworn I knew what I was doing. I find it funny how fast my brain just clicked back over when I logged in to make sure my financial aid was in line, my classes were straight and what I needed to read for the first day. I'm hoping my brain continues on this line as I get deeper into the process.

Well Barkeep...You know what time it is. Sweet Tea and slice of lemon.

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Jill B said...

Spanky should be spanked. Not to mention she owes you a BIG apology. Not nice. And not a good way to bring in the new year, although the breakfast looked killer.

Glad you enjoyed your break now get ready to hit the books. You are way too old to be spending your time with GTA IV. *tsk*

Thanks for the blog and look forward to more in the coming year.