Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama should do what?

This is a political post.
I swear I'm going to stop doing these. I'm starting to believe it comes in waves, where all I'm talking about are my relationships, then all I'm talking about is school, then all I'm talking about politics. I do have a one track mind, now don't i? And I used to multi-task so well. Just like your basketball great losing a step, I need get back on the track...well in real life too... back on the mental track and start working my brain out. Again.

This question was posed to me this week:

Question: Now that we have a Black President (that sounds so good to me), should he make changes to the laws that will force companies to hire “Qualified Blacks”, or should he tell us that if we work hard we can one day reach goals like he did, based on hard work and not hand outs?

Funny how all the black questions suddenly come out. A large number of Black folks seem to believe that Obama was play acting, saying the things necessary to get into office, but will change and be their for the "brothers" now that he's in.

I would encourage those Black people not to hold their breath.

Here was my response to that question:

"The measure of a man is what he does when he has the power. If he squanders in on petty grievances, then perhaps it should not have been his power to control, and he will find that power slipping away. If he uses it constructively, then as such he may find he earns more."

Me. I just said that. Put my name in it and smoke it.

A law to hire "Qualified Blacks" smacks of a favoritism that Rosa sat down to oppose, Martin marched to oppose, and Barack ran to indicate such thinking was wrong. It is and idea dressed up nicely, and has good intentions, but it is the idea that we are a special group that HAS to be employed waters down the concept that we can make it. It diminishes our accomplishments. It is affirmative action on steroids, designed to elevate, not equate. And who decides what is "qualified"? I mean really?

Blacks fought the only revolution in history not to lead or takeover, but simply to be counted as equals.

In most cases, the fence we must climb, the mountain we must conquer, the obstacle we must overcome is in our own mind. Concepts like "the man is keeping me down" or "a black man can't get ahead" all just got disproved. Emphatically. Dramatically. Obama admitted to the weed back in the day, so don't say you're wrecked because you're not on the straight and narrow. He made it thorough hard work and dedication. He stopped making excuses, climbed his own fences, and did it.

I'm sorry, but boys and girls, the game just changed. You just ran out of excuses. Stop begging. Stop whining. There is no try. There is only getting it done.

So go to school. Learn your lessons and you to can achieve greatness, you can go far in life, in the world, in family. Prosperity doesn't just appear, it is earned. And then we can pass it on to our children. Just like the man in the White House.

Smooth as silk on the surface, kick like the devil underneath.

Barkeep. I need a tall glass of ice water, and this fool here needs three fingers of Everclear.

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