Sunday, June 12, 2011

Things I meant to comment on... (Politically)

This is a Political Post
A lot happened in the last week. But since I'm still a law student, I can't always get it all in. I'm both elated that we're finally taking an interest in our leaders, but saddened that we've turned them into reality show characters. Well, it's a start anyway...


Anthony Weiner, with the big...situation.

Really? We got unemployment, climate change, debt ceiling, and everything else...and this is what's dominating the headlines? Really. A picture of a guy's who-whatzis?

How it should have gone:

"That picture? The one of the large endowment? Yep, that's mine. Big ain't it. Ha ha. Since you're asking, I didn't cheat on my wife, it was all internet. But now me and her we're going to work our issues out in private. Private. And the people in my district, the one's that elected me, aren't upset, so what's your problem? Why do you keep bringing it up?"

5 minutes. In and out. (Pun intended)

The dignity of the office isn't even an issue, considering the number of Congressmen who've lied, cheated, floated checks, taken bribes and kickbacks... and in the case of David Vitter, actually used prostitutes... but remain sitting members in good standing. Its not like this could lower our opinion of Congress. And I think the Conservatives are just elated its not one of theirs this time, and they can play the shocked role.

But here's where you'll note the Democrats are showing an inexperience with modern scandal, actually upset instead of employing the usual political tactic of their opponents of sweeping stuff under the rug - i.e., mess up, coverup, get caught, lie, admit, rehab, restart, etc. Even easier, since the crux of the average scandal is that the party out philandering touts family values as a key selling points, the lack of hypocrisy should be the first defense.

The good folks at LDT&UD are ready to help put this thing to bed if anyone calls by the way. And we're thinking about putting the rib tips on special

Seriously, we've spent how many days talking about married guy trying to hook up on the sly using the internet? I'm not sure this qualifies for news even on the Duh Channel.

Newt Gingrich

It's easier to list the problems than the solutions. He stumbled out of the gate by being reasonable and it just got worse. The jewerly tab, and then the Greek vacation less than two weeks into the "campaign". Now, the crack political posse he'd assembled to track down that villian of a President decides to head back to town rather follow him further into the wilderness.

Because, as I understand it, his wife really doesn't understand what it actually takes - the glad handing, the running around chasing early support in the caucuses - to be President.

I want to say stop, it over Newt, but really, it can only get better for him. Right? Right?

Sarah Palin

Apparently she really isn't smarter than a fifth grader.

Thinking about Palin has me wondering what the definition of a "gotcha" question would be. Technically, a gotcha question only exists for those who profess to speak about something they don't know about or are just plain lying. For thoughtful people, intelligent people, reasonable people, there really aren't any gotcha questions. But I'm thinking that questions about American history - especially the American patriots revered so much by the Tea party - most certainly wouldn't fall into that classification. When you take great pains to wrap your image in the flag, it would be a bonus if you knew what it stood for.

And the aftermath, I'm not sure which would have been the better course. She could have admitted she got it wrong, but then she would have looked rather silly for not knowing basic history. She may not know it, but we don't think she's that smart anyway, so this wouldn't have been as bad as she thinks. Or her second option, which she chose to execute, was to loudly double down, and defend her ignorance as a different interpretation. It's closer to revisionist history or Axe Cop than reality, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

However, much like the famously thin skinned Donald Trump, she might want to just keep grifting off her followers. She got to the last election after all the infighting and name calling, when it was pretty much smooth sailing. I don't think she has the mettle for a full bore campaign and all the foolishness that goes with it. If she thought it was bad before...

Herman Cain

Larry Wilmore (NOT Herman Cain)

Larry Wilmore, Senior Black Correspondent for the Daily Show, put it best this week in that Obama was in danger of losing the incredible 96% penetration he received among black voters last election. If he isn't careful, Wilmore said, it might go as low as 94%. The only way to get it any lower would be, to quote a colorful Louisana politician would be if Obama got caught "in bed with a dead woman or a live boy." Then it might go as low as 92%. Black people tend to vote for black people.

It is this certainty that fuels the Cain for president campaign. He has some reason to believe he can split that black vote. Um... right. Although an accomplished business man and popular in some sections of the tea party, he right now strikes me as an political opportunist. Further, he subscribes to the odd notion to good businessmen make good politicians, because of the underlying belief that the large amounts of money the government handles mean a good business acumen would be handy. Unfortunately, because business and government have completely different underlying principles, that isn't the case. Which will quickly become evident once people start asking REAL questions.

So, If Cain somehow wins the nomination, Obama might get that number back up to 94%.

And that's when Larry Wilmore will get his own show on CNN.

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