Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Her Schmoopy-ness

Ramblings Post #146
I know a lot of folks, simply because I know a lot of folks. Well, know is an odd way to put it. Because I'm horrible with names, and I don't call people, and have lately become a wee bit anti-social. But the number of times I've been greeted warmly by a semi-familiar face astounds me. So, the people whose names I actually know...and call or text, are on an extremely short list. And I hope they appreciate it.

Schmoopy is now the subject of adoration and adulation. Well, internet adoration and adulation. Since she got the fitness thing working, she's been giggling about how some fitness photos she took have found there way around the web. The photos and grand compliments about her, er...workout ethic...have found their way onto at least two web shows that we know of. The various hosts drooled over her. She joked she might get her own fitness video to capitalize on the whole exposure.

But when I first saw the photos? My first reaction? She's wearing too much makeup.

Note: I refuse the put the picture up here, as will NOT exploit a friend for a few measly blog hits. Well, not a picture of a friend, I'll talk about them to death..but no pics. I have some ethics. Kinda.

I've known this little power ranger for almost a decade. I've done volunteer work with her, hung out with her, did a 5k with her, and that - why is she wearing so much makeup? - was my first reaction. When other guys are drooling at the body, I'm like, she looks funny.

One of my defining features is that in the end, I actually like people. As who they are, their personality, what they represent, what they stand for. And as a consequence of that, I will occasionally notice things that I probably shouldn't. I'm mean I'm friend but I'm still a guy, and I should have been checking her out! Instead of being concerned with how she looked, I was concerned with her apperance. [it's a fine line]

I think I need therapy.

In any case, I took a few minutes the other day after we chatted and photoshopped up a preliminary cover for her joked about exercise vid. I hope I didn't start nothing.

Barkeep, a tall water. My AC still doesn't work.

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