Sunday, July 13, 2008

Though I stumble...

What had shoulda happened this weekend, but I ain't been nowhere and ain't seent nobody. I swear I'm putting on the makeup as fast as I can.

Friday I should have gone to Sporty's long delayed Going Away/En.....well, Going Away party but she got upset with me because I told her I might not make it. I was worried I might not be festive and didn't want to put that on her. She told me she didn't want the drama. So we agreed on something. I stayed home on a Friday night in Atlanta depressed. Did I eat?

Saturday I could have gone to Utopia (around the corner), or Old School Saturday (a little further around the corner) or to a house party (I'd still be driving back from Villa Rica) but I stayed home and watched crazy movies. At 4am something with Nick Nolte and Terrance Howard in the 20's where they talked about deviant sex. Yep, a little depressed.

And now it's Sunday morning and the sky has opened up with a glorious rain that city needs desperately. So the Urban Soul pool party is probably off. Well, in this rain it probably won't be as festive as it could be. Bummer.

That would be 0-3 for the weekend and now the batter should take his ass back to the dugout.

I did send Sporty the internet version of "let's be friends still"...the silly pictures with even sillier captions email. I hope I don't have to break out the stupid videos.

In other parts of my life, Shade has moved to DC to pursue yet even more medicine. Schmoopy is trying to get me to go back out for another Saturday of Habitat for Humanity, bless her little too damn energetic soul. Slim is having her own semi-drama, and won't tell me what she means by her "magic trick." Her new semi-man betta get it together.

There is just too much going on.

Barkeep. What you got in the back? Way way in the back? It will do.

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