Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Quick Restaurant Review - Landmark Diner Jr.

Mental Rehab Post #9
I'm knocking the dust off a concept, that I'm not sure I'm gonna continue. Most of these involved her, but a few of them don't, and since I gotta eat...well, when I remember, I may as well let ya'll in on what's out there. Even down and staggering, I still get out more than most. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

So it's Saturday and it's brunch time, and although there are probably a thousand other restaurants in the city, when you're hungry and want consistency, you go to a diner. Midtown I would say the Majestic Diner, where I've had some interesting meals, but in Buckhead it's the Landmark Diner, a twenty four hour little gem that hides inside it the ability the cook a breakfast that is near magical...and also unintentionally fleece you. Seriously, I did not know you could get Lobster and eggs. (Have I told this story already?)

After the Citysearch incident, I copped out on looking and went for the Landmark Jr up at the corner of Roswell Rd and 285, right at the top of the perimeter. It's a spot on a corner where out one window is that hustle and bustle of still traffic on Roswell and the out the other a side street with a couple of shops. But when you're at the Landmark (or in this case, at the Junior) you're not there to look out the window.

I was a little late and Schmoopy was on time and we tried to figure out the place mats which appear to be selling rejuvenating honey. Or something. Then before we could order, she broke the news...Schmoopy is getting divorced. I was stunned because at our last meeting she'd vowed to "work it out." On the upside she looked very happy about the whole thing. But then I guess if you're getting divorced you would be very happy. If you're sad about it, well then maybe you should have stayed together.

Yes, girl. I put your business in the street.

I ordered the bacon and eggs, with a waffle. She got the Florentine omelet with home fries. She said she was hungry, but I warned her the portions weren't small. The restaurant crowd was sparse so our food appeared quickly - before the forks got to the table actually - and the girl was impressed. The omelet was huge, instead of the usual three strips of bacon they gave five or six, and the food was almost falling off the platters they served it on. On a side note, you now have to ask for the home fries, as somebody talked them into serving hash browns. We got a side of home fries.

She raved about the omelet (my entree suggestion), which came with something green and feta cheese, and she added ham. It appeared too green but tasted delicious, at least the part she shared with me. And the waffle was huge so we ended up splitting. My eggs were done perfectly, not too hard or too soft, and the only thing missing was onions in the has browns I didn't know I was getting. Nitpicking on my part.

Seeing how Schoompy can't be more than a size 2 or 3, I can't imagine where she's putting all this food we're eating.

Incidentally, my dining partner joins a growing list of women, who've known me and then moved on to other folks, and it er...didn't work out. I think the list is at five or six now. Schmoopy called me the reverse of Good Luck Chuck. I didn't find that amusing in the least. We talked about her for a while, then me for a while (and in effect Sporty) and until finally I think the waitress was just mad we wouldn't get up and go. What we she mad for, I tipped her like 20%. Oh, and I found out Schmoopy eats peanut butter on toast, which I might have to try once just to see.

So if you get a chance, hit the Landmark in Buckhead, or one of the Juniors..up by Roswell Rd and the other on Cheshire Bridge. It's a pretty good deal.

Barkeep...oh, did I forget to tell you they serve too?


McAlpine said...

Nice read. Thanks

Jane said...

great omelette! and i truly apologise for the good luck chuck in reverse comment. I really do.

Did you just put my business in the street?