Monday, June 9, 2008

Quiet Moments

Sporty and I did lunch on Sunday at this little Indian place in Norcross. Moments like that are why I wonder who we are to each other. She was fresh from sport, but looked radiant. It was a place we'd been before, Himalayas Restaurant on Peachtree Industial, and the food was again great. Last time we went they had a large party, a group of 25 with multiple small kids running about in the small space, so it was good but not good. You know? This time it was low key Sunday Brunch kinda chill. They were a little mad we didn't get the lunch buffet though.

In a missive a week before I had declared who she was to me. The next week we're chatting on BB and it's just like old times.

I would be confused.

She got the Vindaloos and the waiter suggested the Balti for me, the naan as always was fantastic, the little onion part of the appetizer set it off just right and the food came quickly. We talked about ....well, we just shot the breeze. A little of this, a little of that. She asked about my family, we talked about vacations, she joked about me having to go to work the next day. Ha ha. I get her, but I don't. She was hungry as she cleaned her plate, and I swear the waiter was about to fight me if I didn't take my doggie bag. Friendly little spot I tells ya.

...and the band played on.

Later that night she texted me that she was going to get more Indian takeout for dinner. I let her know I'd just finished eating my leftover takeout. So it was like we had dinner together again. It felt like we were in sync again.

It was a quiet moment. And with her I like those.

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